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Chicken and sweetcorn soup (Chinese style) recipe

Chicken and sweetcorn soup (Chinese style) recipe

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I love this soup when i order it from my local takeaway and believe this simple recipe tastes just as good if not better!

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IngredientsServes: 6

  • 2 chicken stock cubes (both making 500ml of stock)
  • 1 can of creamed corn (green giant is the best)
  • 1 table spoon of corn flour (thickener)
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • spring onion
  • cooked chicken shredded
  • 1 liter of water for stock and 60mls for cornflour
  • Drizzle of sesame oil
  • 2 eggs

MethodPrep:10min ›Cook:20min ›Ready in:30min

  1. start by mixing both stock cubes with 1000ml of hot water
  2. Add cooked chicken (sliced finely) and the tin of creamed corn
  3. add salt pepper and allow to simmer for 10mins
  4. mix 1 table spoon of cornflour with 60mls of water and add to the soup ( for a thicker soup i repeat this step twice, it depends on how you like the consistency) Allow to simmer for 5 mins
  5. beat the two eggs and drizzle from a fork into the soup
  6. chop spring onions and add to the soup
  7. finish with a drizzle of sesame oil and stir

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just finished the best ever Chicken & Sweetcorn soup, goodbye to chinese takeaway,-15 Jan 2015

Gorgeous, can't believe how quick and easy it was to make. My family loved it and it tasted better than my local Chinese takeaway-20 Dec 2014

I've just finished making this soup and have to say its delicious. Tastes even better than the one we usually order from our local takeaway. Very easy to make. Thank you for sharing your fab recipe.-17 Feb 2014

Chicken & Sweetcorn Soup

When I worked at a Chinese restaurant I used to order this soup from the kitchen more or less every week. It’s a soup I never get bored of, and it’s so nice to be able to make it at home with lean, fresh ingredients. This recipe has all the flavours of a takeaway Chicken & sweetcorn soup – but tastes way better – I promise!

Chicken & sweetcorn soup doesn’t really have a ‘Chinese’ flavour as such – it’s just where you’ll have likely eaten it as a starter or side dish! The soup is a delicate flavour of chicken stock, garlic and sweetcorn, one I love to enjoy all year round. There’s no need to feel guilty about eating this takeaway classic either – it’s packed with protein lean chicken breast and egg and is a water-based stock.

The soup is thickened with cornflour to give it the thick stock consistently you’ll get from a takeaway soup. It’s also got egg stirred through which gives a lovely richness and cloudiness which you don’t get in many soups!

You can easily make this soup in half an hour, on a busy evening – which is a rarity for soup! No need to boil down vegetables or whip out the. blender, this Chicken & sweetcorn soup is pretty low maintenance!

Serve with prawn crackers if you want that authentic ‘take-away’ soup! Else it’s amazing with a crusty roll too! I tend to top mine with spring onions (which is completely optional!) as it brings a little bit of freshness and crunch to the meal.

If you’re making a Chinese takeaway style dinner, check out my Chinese Takeaway Recipes including Salt & Pepper Chips and Chicken, Crispy Chilli Beef and Satay Chicken Curry.

How to make Chinese Chicken & Sweetcorn Soup at Home

Scroll down for recipe card and ingredient list.

This was a hard recipe to shoot! It’s not the prettiest soup when it’s cooking…

1. Slice the chicken breast into thin strips (about 3 per breast)

2. Heat a non-stick pan with a small dash of oil

2. Add the chicken breast to the pan

3. Then add a pinch of salt, and the ginger and garlic paste

4. Stir and turn the chicken over. You don’t want to add much colour to the chicken at this point – just begin the cooking and bring out the flavour of the ginger and garlic

5. Once your chicken is white on all sides, with a very light browning, add in the water and stock cube

6. Mix using your wooden spoon or spatula until it’s dissolved, bringing the water to a very low simmer

7. Cook for 10 minutes, then using two forks pull the chicken apart into smaller pieces – if the chicken is resisting or hard to shred, cook for a few more minutes. Be careful – you may need to turn the heat off for this step. Once shredded, add in sweetcorn

8. Continue to cook on a very low simmer for 5 minutes. Whilst simmering, add an egg to one mug/bowl and beat until the white and yolk are mixed together. And in another mug/bowl mix together the cornflour with 2 tbsp water

9. Pour the cornflour mixture into the simmering soup – stir to mix throughout

10. Lastly, stir the soup quickly with a spoon to make a bit of a whirlpool – then pour in the egg. Immediately mix in a whirling motion to break up the egg and mix throughout the soup. Then cook for a couple more minutes before serving!

Sweet Corn Chicken Soup

It’s been a busy Holiday Season and although I’ve been cooking a lot, I haven’t really had the time to do many recipes lately. But, I’m back and I’m determined to post more this year.

I got a lot of encouragement and ideas from my family that visited over the holidays, to expand PictureTheRecipe and improve on it. As part of their suggestions, I’m going to stop being so hard on myself with recipes I actually do that don’t make it on the blog and start posting more recipes including simple day to day dishes. I’m starting today with a Indo-Chinese favorite…Sweet Corn Chicken Soup.

This soup is perfect for this weather cos it’s a comforting healthy soup with sweet corn kernels in a flavorful chicken stock with egg drop. It’s simple to make, warming and delicious…everything you’re looking for a winter dinner.

1. Bring the stock to simmering point in a small saucepan. Add the chicken and simmer, covered, for 5 minutes. Remove the chicken with a slotted spoon and allow to rest for 10 minutes. Strain the stock and set aside. Finely shred the meat with two forks.

2. Heat a wok over medium-high heat, add the vegetable oil and swirl to coat the side of the wok. Add the white part of the spring onion, the garlic and ginger and stir-fry for 30 seconds. Add the stock, water, corn kernels, creamed corn, soy sauce and rice wine. Stir until the soup comes to the boil. Reduce the heat and simmer for 10 minutes.

3. Meanwhile, stir the cornflour, sesame oil and 1 tablespoon of water together in a small bowl until smooth. Add a little of the hot stock, stir together, then pour this mixture into the soup. Bring to simmering point, stirring constantly for 3 to 4 minutes, or until slightly thickened. Add the chicken meat and heat through. Season to taste with salt and freshly ground black pepper. Serve immediately, topped with the spring onion greens.

Chinese-Style Chicken and Sweetcorn Sunshine Soup

Have you ever gone for a Chinese meal and been served that gloopy, grey-yellow mess that is often the excuse for chicken and sweetcorn soup? It’s so frequently over-thickened with corn starch, and there’s hardly a piece of chicken in it!

Fortunately, it’s very easy to make your own and if you make this with good quality eggs, the final colour tends to be a very bright yellow, hence the name.


  • 4 cups Chicken Stock
  • 1 whole Chicken Breast, Thinly Sliced
  • 1 can Sweetcorn (small)
  • 1 whole Egg
  • 1 Tablespoon Oil
  • 1 Tablespoon Sesame Oil
  • 1 Tablespoon Cornstarch (mixed With A Little Water)
  • Salt And Papper


1) Heat both oils in a saucepan and lightly cook the sliced chicken until sealed.

2) Add the chicken stock and allow to simmer for 15 minutes.

3) Drain the sweetcorn and add to the soup turn the heat right down.

4) Using a fork (yes, a fork), slowly drizzle the egg into the soup in so it forms thread-like ‘ribbons.’ If you tip the egg in too fast, it will just form a solid mass.

5) Season with salt and pepper to taste, before adding the cornflour/cornstarch a little at a time, stirring constantly until the soup is at the desired thickness. (Remember that the soup will continue to thicken as it re-reaches boiling temperature, so don’t add too much cornflour. If it does become too thick, stir in a little more water or chicken stock.)

What is an Egg Drop Soup?

Whilst egg drop soups are commonly associated with Chinese dishes like Hot and Sour Soup they exist in many cuisines.

Both Italian stracciatella and Cypriot Avgolemono use very similar techniques.

Essentially an egg drop soup uses egg to enrich a broth, sometimes that egg is whisked in other times it is stirred in gently.

I like the marbled look, some think that it looks curdled, I think it has a lacy look.

It also avoids large chunks of egg in your soup, which I am not so keen on.

Chicken and sweetcorn soup (Chinese style) recipe - Recipes

A heart warming soup that originally came from the Southwest of China. This recipe will strongly compete with the best of Chinese restaurants. The recipe is quite large in quantity, as you can’t just stop at one bowl, you can always half the ingredients if your pots aren’t big enough.


    2 tbsp vegetable oil 4 cloves of garlic 1 large chicken breast 1 tsp fresh ginger 2 x 420g tins of corn kernals 2 x 420g tins of creamed corn 3 tbsp of light soy sauce 2 tsp of salt Pepper to taste 2 heaped tbsp of corn flour 2 tsp of sesame oil 2 litres - 8 cups chicken stock Some chopped spring (green) onion Some coriander leaves Optional, sour cream


Peel and grate the garlic and add to a large soup pot.

Add the vegetable oil, turn on heat and lightly sweat.

Add the chicken stock and bring to a simmer

Add the chicken breast and poach until cooked, 15 to 20 minutes.

Grate and add the fresh ginger.

Add the pepper. (Do not salt just yet)

In a bowl, dissolve your cornflour with three tbsp of water, mix until smooth.

Once the chicken is cooked, remove let cool on a plate.

Add the corn flour mixture to your stock. Mix well.

Open your corn kernel tin, drain and add to stock.

Open your creamed corn tin and add to stock.

Once the chicken breast has cooled down, shred it using a fork.

Crack two eggs in a bowl, mix well and slowly pour a thin stream of egg into simmering stock whilst mixing.

Add the shredded chicken to soup, mix well and cook for 5 minutes on very low heat.

Little Tips

For convenience you can buy the stock premade, always check it was made with real chicken.

Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup Ingredients:

To make this Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup recipe, you will need:

  • Chicken: You can either just added shredded or diced cooked chicken to this soup. (A rotisserie chicken would come in handy here, or I often use leftovers from my baked chicken breasts recipe.) . Or , you are welcome to cook the raw chicken from scratch in the soup itself. I’ve included instructions below for how to do this in the stovetop or in the Instant Pot.
  • Corn: This soup is traditionally made with both creamed corn and whole kernel corn, which I call for in the recipe below. But if you don’t have a can of creamed corn on hand, no worries, you can just puree some whole kernel corn in the blender or food processor before adding it to the soup. (Or just skip creaming the corn altogether and use 100% whole kernel corn, either canned or frozen.)
  • Ground ginger and garlic powder: We will use these to season the broth and give it some extra depth of flavor.
  • Green onions: We will slice these thinly, and use the white parts to help season the broth itself, then use the green parts as a garnish when serving the soup.
  • Carrots: The other traditional veggie in this soup.
  • Cornstarch: Which we will use to thicken the broth.
  • Eggs: The magical ingredient which will also thicken this soup by creating all of those beautiful egg ribbons.
  • Toasted sesame oil: We will add this in at the very end, so that it doesn’t overcook and become bitter.
  • Salt and pepper: To season the soup.

Chinese Chicken Sweet Corn Soup Recipe

Chinese Chicken Sweet Corn Soup is made with a flavour packed chicken stock and has sweet kernels, satin thin egg and shredded chicken. Serve it before your Chinese Meal for weekend.

Chinese Chicken Sweet Corn Soup Recipe is everyone's favourite dish. The soup is made with a flavour packed chicken stock and has sweet kernels, satin thin egg and shredded chicken.

The soup is a perfect for your Chinese starters or just as a light meal before your dinner. This will also help you feel better during the time when you have cold. A sip of this delicious soup will give you warmth and make you feel better. A perfect recipe for those cold nights in Winter.

Serve the Chinese Chicken Sweet Corn Soup Recipe along with Chicken Manchurian, Chicken noodles for your delicious weekend meal.

If you are looking for more Soup Recipes, here are some more that you can make for your healthy dinner:

How To Make Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup

  • For Sweetcorn Chicken Soup, first make Chicken Stock. Here boil water and put add the shredded chicken pieces with salt. Let it boil for 5 minutes and then remove from fire. Strain and keep the chicken stock aside and boiled chicken pieces aside.
  • Now crush the cube (very fine) and add it to chicken stock.
  • Next heat oil in wok Add carrot, cabbage and corn kernels, stir for just one minute lightly. Now add the chicken stock and bring it to a boil and then add the cream style corn, chicken pieces and continue to cook for 2-3 minutes. Then add white pepper and sugar
  • Now take the cornflour (mixed with water) and slowly add it to the soup stirring constantly, until the soup is thick. Bring it to boil and simmer the soup for 4 minutes.
  • Check the salt for your taste and add little more if needed. Cook the Soup for another minute and now the Chicken and sweet corn soup is ready

Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup

A hearty, warming soup. Chicken and sweetcorn is one of those things that taste absolutely delicious and really hits the spot, especially as a soup. Try out this recipe and it will be a sure success around the dinner table.

Time: Prep 6 mins / Cooking 5 mins

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