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Spencer on the Go: San Francisco's One and Only Mobile Bistro

Spencer on the Go: San Francisco's One and Only Mobile Bistro

San Francisco's One and Only Mobile Bistro

"Dinner tonight will begin with an escargot puff lollipop amuse, just a little something to say 'Hello,' from the chef. He'll follow that with cauliflower bisque — don't you think cauliflower is an unappreciated vegetable? Chef does. D’accord, he weel be sending out pour vous, ze far west fungi truffle emulsion 'vol au vent.' That’s the small hollow case of puff pastry. You’re sure to enjoy."

Sounds like a fancy restaurant, huh? Nope. Just a rundown of some of the menu items that have been available from the converted taco truck self-branded as "San Francisco's one and only mobile bistro," Spencer on the Go. Sweetbreads, ratatouille, boeuf bourguignon, and dishes that include truffles are some of the fare to expect from this truck founded in 2009 by chef Laurent Katgely, a native of the French Alps with culinary cred including Lespinasse (New York City), and Pastis in LA, who also happens to be the owner of San Francisco’s Chez Spencer, which serves what not a few have called some of the best bistro food in San Francisco.

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Should You Join The Food Truck Revolution?

Not so long ago, eating street food was an adventure for culinary risk takers. But in the past five years, gourmet food trucks have hit the streets in record numbers—in New York and Los Angeles as well as cities such as Austin, Denver, Miami, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington, D.C.—offering fine foods at reasonable prices. Requiring far less start-up capital than restaurants, trucks make it possible for culinary professionals to offer everything from schnitzels to snails. Initially, many food truck pioneers were young entrepreneurs who chose to hit the streets because they couldn’t afford to start a restaurant, but today, restaurants, bakeries and retailers are expanding their brick-and-mortar businesses by starting a truck.

Laurent Katgely, owner of Chez Spencer in San Francisco, started doing meals on wheels in 2009 on his truck, Spencer on the Go. “We do a three-course prix fixe for $15 from the truck, whereas the tasting menu at Chez Spencer is $80 to $100. People are more willing to try a new food if it’s more affordable,” he says. “And we have gotten customers who tried food on the truck, like snails, and then came to the restaurant. They didn’t want to spend $20 on a dish that they didn’t know but would pay a few dollars to try one from the truck.”

Sean Moore, who co-owns Denver’s Cake Crumbs Bakery and opened The Denver Cupcake Truck in 2010, says his truck expansion also brought more customers into the bakery, plus a new revenue stream from the exotic cupcakes sold on-the-go.

With so many success stories, a food truck may seem like a logical way to grow your business. Here are some of the things you’ll need to consider or tackle before taking your food on the road.

1. Do your due diligence about local regulations.

“The only absolute about the food truck business is that it’s absolutely unpredictable,” says Matt Geller, CEO of the Southern California Mobile Food Vendors Association. Rules and regulations for food trucks not only vary from state to state, but in California, they can change within a few blocks, Geller explains. That’s no small issue for a business that relies on being mobile. “I get a lot of calls from people who want to start a food truck. The first thing I tell them is ‘research, research, research,’” says Geller. “This business changes constantly and requires you to be an expert at things that are always changing (such as licensing and permit requirements). The more you know personally, the better you can navigate it.”

Before considering a food truck outpost, you need to find out if your city even allows food trucks where they’re allowed to park what they are permitted to serve (for instance, Chicago will not allow food to be prepared in the truck) and what licenses, insurance and permits are required. You also need to know if there are permits available: In New York City, for example, there’s a 10- to 15-year waiting list. Permits are available on the black market, but this approach is not recommended. “That can be a tense process filled with unknowable variables, and it’s illegal,” says Sean Basinski, director of the Street Vendor Project at the Urban Justice Center in Manhattan. “If you already own a business, you’re risking your business based on an illegality. That’s what keeps a lot of established places away from opening a truck.”

Allow plenty of time for every step of the process. “It took us about six months to find insurance,” says Scott Baitinger, co-owner of Streetza, a pizza truck in Milwaukee, Wisc., started in May 2009. “They had to write a new policy just for us—an umbrella policy that included vehicle and restaurant liability.” Because Baitinger’s Streetza was the first gourmet food truck in Milwaukee, he says agencies had to create rules and regulations in the process. “We worked with the health department to make sure we met their standards—which weren’t that well defined in this emerging market,” he explains. Streetza’s operators also learned that ice cream trucks require different licensing than pizza trucks and trucks preparing food require different licensing than those delivering food.

2. Create a detailed business and financial plan.

Although food trucks don’t demand the capital it takes to set up a store or restaurant, they do require a significant investment of finances, time and energy. “It’s always a good plan to flesh your ideas out and think things through,” says Basinski. Whether you’re estimating how much food you can serve or tallying operating costs, consider every expense line by line. Basinski—who teaches a class called Street Food Vending 101 at the Street Vendor Project headquarters in downtown Manhattan—says people need to be thorough when projecting operating costs. Factor in not only insurance, permits and licenses, but also commissary lot fees, truck and food costs.

And don’t forget about unexpected expenses like parking tickets, truck maintenance and health inspections. “Tickets are very high in New York and enforcement is quite strict,” explains Basinski. “Restaurants get inspected once a year on average, whereas food vendors get visited frequently—five to eight times a year.”

Ben Van Leeuwen, co-owner of Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream trucks in New York City, has experienced unexpected expenses first hand: “There have been weeks where we got $3,000 worth of violations [for trivial things]. Our trucks are pristine, but you can be fined for using a tea towel the wrong way,” he says. Van Leeuwen, who started his business in 2008 with his wife and brother, also discovered that there are restrictions for hiring people. “It takes anywhere from two-and-a-half months to four months to be certified to work on a food truck in New York,” he explains. “If we want to hire for a busy time, we have to interview way ahead. Nobody knows why this process takes so long.”

But even with the headaches, many truck owners would still recommend starting a truck as long as you understand what you’re getting into. “It is a lot of work. You’re constantly being inspected by the health department, you’re always on show when out on the street and you have to wear many hats [driver, cook, accountant, mechanic and so on],” says Moore of The Denver Cupcake Truck. “I have 10 to 15 people a day who say they want my job. They may not know that I’m at the bakery every day at 4 a.m.”

But Moore, who started the truck as an off-shoot of the bakery he owns with his wife, has had an overall positive experience. “The truck has allowed us to pay down about 30 percent of our start-up debt with the bakery,” he says. “Some days the truck will make just as much as the bakery in sales. When considering overhead on the truck and the product cost, we are able to put about 70 percent of our sales back into profit. There is a high margin compared to the bakery.”

Spencer on the Go’s Katgely agrees. “If you do your homework, you won’t have too many surprises,” he says, adding that you can make more money more quickly with a truck. “Your margin of return on a restaurant is 10 percent if you’re lucky. With a truck it’s more like 40-50 percent. Our restaurant has been in business for eight years and we’re starting to see some profit, but the truck has already been paid off over and over in less than two years.”

3. Know your food and competition.

You are already in the food business, so you may believe that you know your product and competition. But when you take your food on the road, everything changes. Here are things to consider:

Can your food be eaten standing up? Street food is all about convenience, which is part of the reason why Baitinger of Streetza chose pizza for his truck. “Pizza is a core handheld food,” he explains. “We bake pizzas, slice and serve. No pizza sits around for longer than a few minutes and we can get food into a customer’s hands in about 25 seconds.”

Can your food be prepared and served quickly? Pilar Chapa, a restaurant chef who now cooks lamb brochettes and burgers in New York’s Bistro Truck, suggests creating your menu based on what can be made quickly in a truck without sacrificing taste—since speed is at a premium. “Cooking in a truck is a totally different experience,” Chapa says. “People don’t have time to wait. They want their food right away. They want it hot and delicious. That’s not so easy to accomplish in a small truck kitchen.”

Is your concept different from the competition? Husband and wife team Brook Howell and Erik Cho, who own Los Angeles’ Frysmith, a truck that serves french fries with various toppings (such as free-range chicken in tomatillo-tamarind sauce), assessed the market before opening their truck. “We had a unique idea for what we wanted to do,” Howell says. “For example, L.A. doesn’t need another cupcake truck. It’s the same thing as a restaurant: Don’t open an Italian place if there are already three on that block.”

Peter Korbel, co-owner of Fojol Bros. in Washington, D.C., says, “You’ve got to be strategic about the market you pick and the cuisine. We were the first food truck in D.C. serving a proper meal. We moved into an area where food was either not affordable or not good. There were a lot of chains there.”

According to Korbel, Fojol Bros. chose Indian cuisine, in part, because curries move fast. For their second truck (which hit the streets in fall of 2010) they chose Ethiopian cuisine. “There’s a huge Ethiopian population in D.C. but it’s hard to access some of the restaurants,” he says. “We wanted to make it more accessible and expose the city to that cuisine.”

4. Be prepared for issues with buying a truck.

Your vehicle must be a road-worthy combination of a chef’s kitchen and a storefront—so you can’t just pick one at your local car dealer. New trucks will need to be customized for your business and can actually cost more than $100,000, so purchasing can take a while.

Be prepared for delays. “The hard part for us was getting the truck. We were told it would take four to six weeks, but it took six months. The company building it oversold how long it would take. It took two months just to get the plans approved by the health department,” Frysmith’s Howell says. “When we started there were no real competitors for what we were going to do. We wanted to get on the road before the competition grew. That was frustrating.” To avoid extra delays, she advises having a truck outfitted by an experienced builder who’s familiar with the city in which you’re planning to operate. They’ll know what will or won’t work and they’ll know if things are against a code.

Be prepared for setbacks. Even with loads of research, Streetza ran into some unexpected snafus. “We outfitted our truck with an electric oven. It wasn’t until we went to the Department of Transportation for our inspection that we realized it wouldn’t work because our generator for it wouldn’t fit in the truck and couldn’t sit outside it,” Baitinger explains. “I still have that oven in my garage.”

Be prepared to spend money on maintenance. Because new food trucks can be so expensive, many people opt to buy a used one or rent a vehicle. And old trucks do require a lot of TLC. Katgely of Chez Spencer bought a used truck with 400,000 miles on it when he started Spencer on the Go in 2009. “It breaks down. We did a TV show recently [“The Great Food Truck Race” for the Food Network] where we were traveling across America. We broke down so they lent me another one to finish the show,” he says.

But Katgely and other truck owners have a fondness for their older vehicles. “We have an old truck,” says Moore of his 1969 Ford Vanette. “My target market is people in their 30s. This truck reminds them of childhood and it draws a lot of attention. People snap pictures of it all day long. It’s great for advertising.”

5. Plot out locations.

Once you have an idea of where you want to park, get friendly with the neighbors. Frysmith in L.A. sets up close to bars frequented by twentysomething men. “Our demographic is mainly young men,” says Howell. “I talk to bar managers to see if they’d like us to be outside. They usually do because it enhances their business. People drink in the bar, come out for food and then go drink some more.”

Streetza also parks in front of bars from time to time. “When we first rolled out, we were not necessarily welcome with open arms. That has changed 180 degrees. Now people are reserving spots for us because we bring business to their neighborhood,” Baitinger says. “Still, I don’t park in front of a restaurant. I won’t park within three or four blocks of an Italian or pizza restaurant.”

Spencer on the Go parks in only one location, next to a wine bar called Terroir. “They allow us to bring our truck to their lot and they pair the wine with it,” Katgely says.

Whereas Katgely stays in only one lot, Baitinger doesn’t stay in one place for too long. “We have an iPhone app—streetzatracker—with a GPS tied into our truck. People can find out where we are. If enough people tweet us, we’ll move to a new location,” he says. That’s clearly a luxury traditional restaurateurs do not have.

6. Court customers with social media.

It isn’t just location options that are different in running a food truck restaurant the relationship with your customers is different as well. Geller of the Southern California Mobile Food Vendors Association says it succinctly: “Restaurants have customers. Food trucks have followers.”

Moore of The Denver Cupcake Truck jokes that, thanks to social media, people fight over him. “We have a dialogue with our customers. We have 6,700 Facebook fans and more than 1,000 Twitter followers. All of them are active. Today, for example, I had 120 comments on my postings,” he says.

Baitinger found using social media in advance of his launch to be helpful. “We had a presence on Facebook and Twitter before we went out on the road,” he says. “Our fans helped us choose the truck design and make the menu. They are the best brand evangelists we could ask for. It isn’t just our truck anymore. It’s theirs.”

So with all those things to consider, is having a food truck worth it for your business? “I’m the happiest I’ve been in my life,” says Korbel, age 29, of Fojol Bros. “We started the truck when I was 27. I needed to take a risk, to do something entrepreneurial. And it paid off.”

Ben Van Leeuwen, who used his ice cream truck as the launching point for selling packaged pints at Whole Foods Markets and opened a store in Brooklyn in 2010, says the work a food truck brings is worth it: “It can be super stressful but in a good way if you’re passionate about food. If you don’t have a ton of money but want to do amazing food for other people who love amazing food, the truck is great.”

For established businesses, having a food truck can be a powerful marketing tool. Trucks are a great way to sample or to scope out a possible new location, notes Baitinger. “It’s the best way to do quick, accurate market research. Worst case, if you park at the busiest corner, it’s a great marketing vehicle and probably less expensive than a billboard.” |SFM|

Deborah Moss is a freelance writer whose work has appeared
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Here is some information on the food trucks mentioned in the story.


Moroccan/Mediterranean-influenced bistro food such as Dijon Chicken over rice or Salad Nicoise. They have one truck.


Exotic cupcakes such as Maple Bacon or Rocking Red Velvet. The truck was an expansion for Cake Crumbs Bakery.


Indian and Ethiopian foods. The business has two trucks.


Fries with unusual toppings such as Rajas Fries (with fire roasted poblano chiles, caramelized onions, shawarma-marinated steak with Jack cheese). The business has one truck.


On-the-go French fare such as a Braised Lamb Cheek sandwich or an Escargot Puff lollipop. The truck was an expansion for French restaurant Chez Spencer.


Unusual pizza by the slice such as The Wisconsin State Fair Chili Slice or the Chicken Alfredo Slice. The business has one truck.


Gourmet ice cream, (such as Red Currant or Espresso flavors), coffee and homemade pastries (such as Cheddar scones). The success of the trucks led Van Leeuwen to open a storefront in Brooklyn in 2010.

This article was featured in the January/February 2011 Issue of Specialty Food Magazine. See other articles in this issue at:
January/February 2011 Specialty Food Magazine.

10 East Side King: Austin, Texas

Tagged with vibrant colors like a graffiti art mural, East Side King’s four food trucks serve up Japanese street fare like kimchi stew, mapo tofu chile, fried potato noodles, fried chicken and rice, and pork melt and pork chop sandwiches.

The chef behind East Side King is the season nine winner of Top Chef, Paul Qui. The four food trucks are Qui’s international ambassadors, serving his distinct spin on traditional Japanese street food.

Spencer on the Go: San Francisco's One and Only Mobile Bistro - Recipes

>>> Catering
Restaurants do catering, but people run catering businesses as well.

>>> Mobile Food Stand
I long time ago I went to the court house to fight a traffic ticket. During the lunch break I went outside to go find a place to eat. Across from the court house there are lots of bail bond places and other business, but not any restaurants.

Behind one of the bail bond places was a mobile food stand. It was a small building mounted on a trailer. It had a small kitchen inside. The woman took the order and the money. The man made the food, put it on paper plates with a plastic fork and knife and gave it to the woman. She handed it out the window to you. They were completely self-contained.

There was a wide board mounted along the edge of the wood so we could put our plate and soft drink on it while the customers ate. It also had a some rolls of paper towels on it. Behind the trailer was a large trash can for our paper plates and soda cans.

It was a great setup. They were able to offer food, without building a regular restaurant. They had no seating to heat and cool. Since it was mobile if they needed to fix something inside, they just attached it to a pickup truck and towed it off to be fixed. The trailer was no bigger than a car, so it only took up one parking space. They parked the trailer in the parking space right next to the sidewalk, so everyone walking by could see it and smell the food cooking inside.

While I ate there I watched the line and their was a continuous line of customers. As fast as people would get their food, other were walking up to order. Now they do have to meet all city health code regulations to serve food, i.e. cleanliness, food cook to the proper temperature, food stored at the proper temperature, etc.

I imagine they must have some agreement with the bail bond place to use a space in their private parking lot. It looked like they had an extension cord going from the food stand to the bail bond building to provide electricity for the cash register and lights. They probably has propane tanks to run the stove/grill/oven.

You may have seen mobile food stands (sometimes called a "roach coach") that drive around to construction sites and factories to sell food to the workers.

1) But the advantage of the food stand being built on a trailer versus inside a panel truck is there is no engine or transmission, so it is much cheaper to build and maintain.

2) You can pull it with any vehicle that can pull a trailer. Maybe you have a van now. Later you get a pickup truck and it can pull the trailer.

3) Another advantage is you can use one pickup truck a drop off several food stand trailers at different locations in the morning. If you are allowed to leave them there overnight, you can chain them to something or remove the wheels.

Of course, you have to have an agreement with the property owner where you want to park the food stand for the day. You could either agree to a flat price each day the food stand is there or agree to a percentage of each days profits, like 2%.

You can buy the new, but first, I would check around for a used one. If you have construction skills, I would also think about getting a used trailer and then building the food stand myself.

Lunch Truck
If you do want a lunch truck (a mobile food stand) you can drive, here are some I came across.

The Green Truck, Los Angeles
Their motto is: Healing the Planet One Meal at a Time.

PROFILE : Ingredients are either local, organic, sustainably raised (such as line-caught small tuna) or vegan, and the two trucks can run on recycled vegetable oil.

WAIT TIME: 25 minutes there was no line, but the truck was just setting up when we arrived.

THE FOOD: A special of Caribbean-style tacos, $7, tasted fresh with a zippy pineapple salsa, and a watermelon fresca, $3, was refreshing. The vegan burger, $6, was mushy. General manager Bobby Allen says vegetarians love the burger, but meat-eaters may find it less firm than beef.

FINDING IT: Updates sent about once a day via Twitter (@green_truck) and posted at alert diners to the three trucks’ whereabouts.

Kogi BBQ, Los Angeles

PROFILE: Shot to national fame this fall when word spread of its inventive cuisine—Korean meats in Mexican tacos and burritos—and use of Twitter (it now has 28,000 followers).

WAIT TIME: 35 minutes 30 in a line never less than 30 people deep, plus 5 minutes for the food after ordering.

THE FOOD: The signature item, a $2 taco with short ribs, lived up to the hype. Sweet, spicy meat with fresh salsa and soft corn tortillas tasted simultaneously new and familiar. Other items, such as a kimchi quesadilla, paled in comparison.

FINDING IT: The two trucks are easy to find via frequent updates on Twitter ( or through the Web site,

Calexico Carne Asada, New York City

PROFILE: Three brothers and a former cook from Manhattan’s Cru restaurant run two carts, parked on the streets of New York. They plan to open a Brooklyn restaurant later this month. Calexico won the city’s Vendy Awards last year, which designate the top street vendor in New York.

WAIT TIME: On one visit, it took 11 minutes from arriving to receiving the order a second time, it took more than 20 minutes.

THE FOOD: The most famous items—the $4 carne asada taco and the $8 carne asada burrito—were a tasty blend of juicy meat and fresh-tasting sauces. Specials were hit or miss—a pineapple-chorizo taco, $3, was overly sweet and mushy, and a $6 black-bean and avocado quesadilla didn’t have much avocado. Co-owner Jesse Vendley says specials are often still being perfected.

FINDING IT: The Web site,, posts a full menu messages about specials and locations are sent regularly via Twitter (@calexicocart).

Dessert Truck, New York City

PROFILE: Owner Jerome Chang previously worked as a pastry sous chef at famed Manhattan restaurant Le Cirque.

WAIT TIME: Less than 3 minutes from arriving at the truck to receiving the order.

THE FOOD: The simpler desserts were delicious—a $5 chocolate bread pudding was particularly rich and decadent. More unusual treats, including a $6 Pavlova, which featured a hard meringue sphere and berry jelly, weren’t as tasty, though all the desserts were on par with fancy-restaurant fare and at least a dollar or two cheaper.

FINDING IT: The Web site,, lists the usual schedule there are occasional Twitter updates via @desserttruck.

The Mighty Cone, Austin, Tex.

PROFILE: Co-owner Jeff Blank is the chef and owner of Austin’s well-known Hudson’s on the Bend. The stationary truck serves the restaurant’s famous crunchy coating on fried chicken, shrimp or avocado.

WAIT TIME: Pre-ordering by phone 15 minutes ahead of time meant no wait time, though there were 10 people in line.

THE FOOD: The $4.95 deep-fried avocado—coated with almonds, sesame seeds, cornflakes and chili, wrapped in a tortilla and topped with mango-jalapeño slaw—was perfection.

FINDING IT: Pre-order by phone at (512) 383-9609. The Web site,, lists the menu, hours and location.

Skillet Street Food, Seattle, WA

PROFILE: Upscale bistro food cooked in a converted Airstream trailer.

WAIT TIME: Though we had ordered—and paid by credit card—the night before, the order never made it to the truck. Nonetheless, the staff pulled the food together immediately.

THE FOOD: The $11 hamburger was tasty and French fries were perfect, but a fried-chicken sandwich, $9, was bland and tough. Overall, prices were fairly high. Owner Joshua Henderson says that the chicken sandwich was a “miss” and has been pulled off the menu, and he is currently focusing on improving operations.

FINDING IT: The Twitter feed was two weeks out of date when we checked it. Play it safe and email or call contact information is on the Web site,

On the Fly, Washington, D.C.

PROFILE: Stationary carts are parked primarily in tourist destinations around the Washington area. The company promotes its eco-friendly approach, from electric-cart technology to biodegradable packaging and organic ingredients.

THE FOOD: Vegetable tacos, $6, featured a colorful ragout of spicy vegetables. Vegetable empanadas seemed on the expensive side at $6 and an order of chili tasted a bit burned. The company says that it is working on improving its empanadas, but that the chili is usually a crowd-pleaser.

FINDING IT: A location posted on the Web site,, was inaccurate. When we sent a text message to find out where the cart was, we quickly got a personalized text saying there had been a change and telling us where to go.

Clover Food Truck, Cambridge, Mass.

PROFILE: From a truck fueled by fryer grease, Clover sells only vegetarian items.

WAIT TIME: None. We pre-ordered and the food was awaiting us.

THE FOOD: Rosemary fries were fried to order and delicious, and all the sandwiches came in thick, warm pita bread. Sandwiches, all $5, with chickpea fritters and BBQ Seitan, a meat substitute, were creative and tasty but the soy BLT was not as exciting.

FINDING IT: Pre-ordering via email ([email protected]) worked well, and Clover updates its Web site, frequently. But a low-tech problem plagues the business—it runs out of food frequently—so check the Web site to make sure it is still stocked.

Spencer on the Go, San Francisco

PROFILE: A newly opened truck (we visited on the first day) serving French cuisine by chef Laurent Katgely, who also owns Chez Spencer, an upscale French restaurant.

THE FOOD: Braised skate cheeks, $8, were perfectly cooked and lemony and $2 escargot in puffed pastry was a garlicky classic. Portions were generally small. Mr. Katgely says that since opening night, he has changed operations dramatically to improve speed and that portion size is still being adjusted.

FINDING IT: Information is posted at and via Twitter (@chezspencergo).

Roti Roli, San Francisco

Rotisserie trucks serving heritage pork, free-range chicken and local lamb rove farmer’s markets throughout the Bay area.

THE FOOD: The $6 quarter-chicken with roasted potatoes was better than supermarket rotisserie but not as flavorful as the best restaurant chicken. The accompanying potatoes were delicious—moist and flavored with salt, rosemary and chicken juice. Owner Thomas Odermatt says that when eaten immediately (we waited about 15 minutes before digging in), the chicken competes with the best restaurants.

The 50 Best Food Trucks In America

From the best shrimp scampi served out of a truck in Hawaii, to the perfect burger served out of a truck in Durham, North Carolina, some of the best food around these days isn’t coming out of Michelin starred kitchens, it is coming out of food trucks.
We’ve scoured the country for our favorites, so you’ll know exactly where to find the best food offerings no matter where you are in the country.
Have a favorite food truck that we missed? Share your favorite in the comments below.
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Entertaining 101: How To Be A Good Dinner Party Host

We've scoured the country for the 50 best food trucks! Have a favorite that we missed? Share it in the comments!

Basil Thyme, Washington, D.C.

Who knew that you could get some of the best and most inventive Italian food out of a truck?

Ideal Order: The ravioli that is made in-house isn't to be missed.

Where To Find It: Follow the truck's Twitter feed for location information.

Bernie's Burger Bus, Houston

Classic American cuisine is catered out of this yellow school bus that has been made into a food truck. Burgers here have fitting names like "The Principal," "Homeroom," and "Recess." These burgers are made with gourmet beef, the fries are hand cut, buns are baked daily, and the condiments are homemade. All of which helps to explain how Bernie and his Burger Bus have won numerous awards for the best food truck and burgers in Houston.

Ideal Order: Their "Detention" burger features two bacon grilled cheese sandwiches used as the bun to hold two beef patties with "all the fixings." If you are able to devour the whole sandwich you get the honor of being on their "Detention" list.

Where To Find It: Follow this food truck's stops on Twitter (@BerniesBurgers).

Big Gay Ice Cream, New York City

First of all, the truck is painted with a giant unicorn and a rainbow ice cream cone to attract attention and its concoctions have names like "Bea Arthur" and "The Mermaid." When you get a cone that says the ice cream has been "infused" with chocolate or caramel the decadent sauces are literally injected into the ice cream. The Big Gay Ice Cream truck really takes things to a whole other level. Seriously, you can't go wrong with ice cream infused with goodness.

Ideal Order: The famous Salty Pimp features soft serve vanilla ice cream on a cone dipped in chocolate, sprinkled with sea salt, and infused with caramel.

Where To Find It: The truck is usally located on Broadway and 17th Street in New York City. They also have brick and mortar shops in the East and West Village.

The Chairman Truck, San Francisco

Inspired by Asian street food, this truck uses secret recipes from the Little Red Cookbook. We especially love that the truck wad designed by Taiwanese-American visual artist James Jean.

Ideal Order: Coca-cola braised pork sounds a little bit strange, but it isn't to be missed.

Where To FInd It: Visit the truck's website for location information.

Chef Shack, Minneapolis

Globetrotting, accomplished chefs Carrie Summer and Lisa Carlson have brought street food flair to the Twin Cities at least during May through October (remember those difficult Minnesota winters). Summer and Carlson serve seasonal fare from local family farms, which they describe as "ranch rustic country French" cooking. However, Chef Shack has a wide-ranging menu from burgers and hot dogs to pulled pork tacos and thai curries.

Ideal Order: Customers have been know to wait over an hour for their signature Indian-spiced organic mini-donuts and watermelon gezpacho.

Where To Find It: This Minneapolis based food truck stops at the Fulton Farmer's Market and Mill City Farmers Market every Saturday, and on Sunday stops at the Kingfield Farmer's Market.

The Cinnamon Snail, New Jersey and New York City

The Cinnamon Snail is one of the few food trucks that only offers vegan and certified kosher foods on the East Coast. It has become one of the most popular trucks in the region and was even voted Mobile Cuisine Magazine's America's favorite vegetarian food truck in 2012 and 2013. Don't let the title or description deter you they have a full and varied menu offering breakfast items from pancakes to burritos, and a generous list of sandwiches, burgers, and beverages. The pastries are some of the most popular items, especially their organic vegan donuts and their namesake, the Cinnamon Snail. Whether you're a vegan, vegetarian, carnivore, or something else, the food here is delicious.

Ideal Order: The Maple Mustard Tempeh Sandwich, served with kale, onions, tomatos and garlic aioli is a must try. And don't forget a Vanilla Bourbon Crème Brûlée Donut for dessert!

Where To Find It: They mostly hang around the streets of Hoboken, New Jersey, but they have been making more frequent trips to New York City recently. The best way to find out their exact location is by following the them on Facebook or on their Twitter feed @VeganLunchTruck.

Clover Food Lab, Boston

This fast food chain and food truck was started by a MIT material science graduate and a Harvard MBA, so yes, some serious smartie pants are involved in this operation. They are known for their vegetarian and organic fare.

Ideal Order: Clover Food Lab's BLT sanwich, which uses soy bacon, has been cited as the best BLT sandwich by the mayor of Boston.

Where To Find It: The truck is located in various locations in Boston. Head to its website for location and hours.

Coolhaus, Multiple Locations Around the Country

Founders Natasha Case and Freya Estreller have been serving customized and architecturally inspired ice cream sandwiches since 2009. Coolhaus has come a long way since beginning in L.A. working out of an old postal truck. Now the duo has a commanding fleet of eight trucks in four cities along with a Los Angeles storefront. All of their unqiuely flavored cookies and ice creams are handmade with all-natural and organic ingredients. These delectable desserts even come complete with an edible wrapper.

Ideal Order: Try their Dirty Mint Chip betwen Red Velvet Dark Chocolate cookies or their "Chilla from Mozilla" that includes blood orange sorbet between two chocolate chip cookies.

Where To Find It: Austin, Texas Dallas, Texas Los Angeles, California Miami, Floirda New York City. Stayed tuned to their Twitter account (@Coolhaus) for announcements of daily locations.

Coreanos, Various Locations In Texas

Coreanos serves a mix of Mexican and Korean foods creating unexpectedly scrumptious meals. The great taste of Korean spice and beef while incorporating the crunch and fresh flavor of Mexican cuisine are what make this truck so popular. Deservingly, it was called the best food truck in Texas by Smithsonian magazine.

Ideal Order: The OG Burrito and the Three Wise Fries are fan favorites.

Where To Find It: They have trucks in Austin and Houston, Texas. Check their website at for locations or follow them for updates @CoreanosHTX on Twitter.

Crepes Bonaparte, Anaheim, California

Here you have the choice of dessert or savory crepes, so there's a crepe for everyone and every mood. The crepes here are as light as air, thus it's quite hard to go wrong with any of their menu options. Plus, we certainly love a truck that serves breakfast any time of day!

Ideal Order: The California Sunrise with sliced avocado, bacon, roma tomato, cheddar, and a fresh cracked egg to fill you up. If you're looking for something sweet try the HazelBerryAna that features Nutella, fresh strawberries, bananas topped with whipped cream, and a chocolate drizzle. If you sign in on Yelp they will give you a free scoop of ice cream!

Where To Find It: This food truck works in Anaheim, California. You can follow them for updates on Twitter @CrepesBonaparte.

Dalo's, Portland

What began as an Ethiopian food restaurant is now one of the best food trucks around. It is trucks like Dalo's that prove that plenty of innovative cuisine can come out of a truck.

Ideal Order: The mixed Vegan platter is both filling and a great bargain (it is just $5).

Where To Find It: The cart is located at the corner of Southeast Martin Luther King Boulevard and Washington Street in Portland. Head to its website for more information.

Dim Ssam a Go-Go, Miami

Often considered the "Top Asian Food Truck" in America, think food like short rib tater tots, pork buns, and and a ginger chicken salad with coconut rice. No surprise here, Anthony Bourdain is a huge fan.

Ideal Order: You'll be craving this truck's duck sandwich long after you finish it off.

Where To Find It: Based in Miami, head to the truck's website for its schedule.

East Side King, Austin

In 2012 Chef Paul Qui became the Top Chef season 9 winner for his modernist and inventive approach towards food. Trained in classic French and Japanese cuisine, Qui combines his two specialities to create enticing Asian fusion cuisine. His menu includes items like beef tongue and pork belly buns, jasmine rice, and Thai chicken kara-age.

Ideal Order: The fried beet home fries and brussel sprout salad are a favorite amongst loyal customers and critics alike.

Where To Find It: East Side King has mulitple trucks set up throughout Austin, Texas. Go to their website for hours and locations (

Fojol Bros. of Merlindia, Washington DC

The four partners, three from D.C. and one from Seattle, describe their food truck as a "traveling culinary carnival." The servers entertain customers with their colorful turbans and fun mustaches while serving Indian and Ethopian style fare from the fictional location of Merlindia. They even provide blankets and hula hoops for patrons to enjoy. Not only are they entertainers and chefs, but philanthropists as well. A portion of the proceeds goes to fund at-risk youth programs. They are also an enviormentally friendly food truck that uses biodegradable utensils and napkins made of 100 percent recycled materials. But the truck's main purpose is to serve delicious meals from Merlindia and Benethiopia with menus for each cuisine. Items include spicy chicken curry, lentils, beef berbere, and shiro all served over basmati rice.

Ideal Order: The Fojol Bros. are well known for their buttered chicken and mango lassipops.

Where To Find It: This "food carnival" travels all over the Washington, D.C. area. Follow their Twitter account (@fojolbros) to track their whereabouts.

Food Shark, Marfa, Texas

Between the old railroad tracks and a bookstore sits this modest food truck smack dab in the middle of Texas. The food on the otherhand, is anything but modest. Food Shark has been featured in publications like Food & Wine, Bon Appetit, and USA Today and serves Mediteranean-by-way-of-West-Texas fare. It all began with the purchase of a 1974 Ford truck and owner Adam Bork's desire for a new career. And "the rest is history," Bork says.

Ideal Order: Diners flock to try the "marafalafel" with romaine lettuce and homemade hummus.

Where To Find It: Find them in Marfa, Texas under the pavillion between the railroad tracks and Marfa Book Co. Thursday through Saturday from noon to 3 p.m.

Fuku Burger, Las Vegas

Looking for that all-American burger with a Japanese twist? Fuku Burger is the answer to your culinary dreams.

Ideal Order: Enthusiasts of this truck swear by the Buta Burger, a twist on the bacon burger.

Where To Find It: Located in Las Vegas, head to the truck's website for its schedule.

GastoPod, MIami

This food truck, run by Chef Jeremiah, a veteran of the famous El Bulli, operates out of a customized 1962 Airstream. The food on offer draws heavily from Caribbean and Latin American traditions.

Ideal Order: The Triple Decker Slider Burger which includes pork belly on a potato bun and onions cooked in bacon is a can't miss.

Where To Find It: This truck is located in the Miami area. Follow them on Twitter @gastropodmiami for updates on stops.

Giovanni's Shrimp Truck, Kahuku, Hawaii

You get exactly what this truck advertises, some of the best shrimp around. Think lemon butter shrimp, hot and spicy shrimp, and so much more.

Ideal Order: This truck is renowned for its shrimp scampi plate which sells for $13.

Where To find It: Find this truck in Kahuku, Hawaii. Head to its website for exact locations.

GourMelt Grilled Cheese Truck, Reno

This grilled cheese truck is a comfort foodie's fantasy come to life.

Ideal Order: Opt for the buffalo chicken grilled cheese with buffalo sauce and the truck's special bleau cheese spread on sourdough. Get a side of the tomato soup for just about the perfect meal ever.

Where To Find It: Located in Silver Spring Nevada, its location is available by following along with its Twitter updates.

The Grilled Cheeserie, Nashville

Throw the calorie-counting out the window and check out this creative gourmet grilled cheese truck. You can customize your own sandwich, but they have many mouth-watering combinations to choose from using all seasonal and local products. This truck was created by Los Angeles transplants, Joseph Bogan and his wife Crystal De Luna-Bogan, a Le Cordon Bleu trained chef, and the couple's hard work has paid—they were even voted the "Best Food Truck" in Nashville.

Ideal Order: Order the B&B of Tennessee that comes with buttermilk cheddar, bacon, and caramelized apple jam along with a side of tomato soup and tater tots.

Where To Find It: Find this Nashville-based truck's weekly schedule at their website or find their location up to the minute by texting CHEESE to 88000.

Guerrilla Street Food, St.Louis

You'll find Filipino-inspired cuisine focused on local, seasonal, and fresh ingredients here (in other words expect some serious yum). The creators of this truck want to offer St.Louis a unique style of food they believed it was missing. With founder Joel Crespo's Filipino background and Brian Hardesty's culinary experience, the menu options here are entirely unique, and not to be missed.

Ideal Order: The Flying Pig is definitely their best seller featuring slow roasted pork asado, chilis, calamansi and sriracha served over rice and topped with a sous-vide one-hour egg.

Where To Find It: Crespo and Hardesty drive their popular food truck around St.Louis. Check out their website at or Twitter @guerrillastreet to track them down.

Hapa SF, San Francisco

This food truck serves up sustainable Fillipino dishes with a California twist. Its the perfect spot to grab lunch if we do say so.

Ideal Order: Try the chicken adobo with lumpia and the Lechon burger.

Where To Find It: In San Francisco, follow Hapa's Twitter account to see its latest location.

Kogi BBQ, Los Angeles

Founders Mark Manguera, Caroline Shin-Manguera, and Chef Roy Choi turned a moment of late-night hunger into a booming business often commanding lines over an hour and deservingly so. This isn't your run-of-the-mill Mexican taco truck, this truck serves up Korean barbecue tacos that are now an icon of Los Angeles street food. Since Thanksgiving of 2008, Kogi BBQ has dazzled Los Angeles diners with crowd favorites like the blackjack quesadilla. They have successfully brought together the fusion of quality Korean barbecue and traditional Mexican fare to create enticing flavors that are as unique as the city it was born in.

Ideal Order: The famous short rib taco—two crispy homemade corn tortillas, double caramelized Korean barbecue, salsa roja, cilantro-onion-lime relish, and a Napa Romaine slaw tossed in a chili-soy vinaigrette is not to be missed.

Where To Find It: This California landmark travels the streets of Los Angeles day and night. Find out its daily schedule at its website or stayed tuned to its Twitter feed @kogibbq.

The Lime Truck, Orange County, California

This California-based food truck serves self described "new American" and "California beach" cuisine. They won The Food Network's "The Great Food Truck Race" and have a band of loyal followers to boot. They serve only local, organic, and sustainably sourced fresh ingredients. Pair this philosophy with their creative and mouth-watering recipes and you've got a star food truck.

Ideal Order: Try their carnitas fries that includes slow roasted pulled pork on top of fries, garnished with handmade guacamole, chipotle honey slaw, and cotija cheese. Follow that with a side of their roasted corn with Sriracha lime remoulade with cotija cheese and a glass of limeade to wash it all down.

Where To Find It: You can't miss this bright lime green truck driving down the streets of Orange County, California. Follow them on Twitter @thelimetruck to find out their exact location day to day.

Marination Mobile, Seattle

Affectionately known as Big Blue for it's color, Marination's Hawaiian-Korean fusion food will meld together blissfully in your mouth. The truck is best known for it's tacos with flavors like spicy pork, ginger miso chicken, and sexy tofu. They even have Spam sliders, which they say will make you understand why Spam is the unofficial national food of Hawaii. Their Nunya sauce, a spicy miso-mayo, has become so popular that they are now selling jars of it online.

Ideal Order: Try the Kimichi Fried Rice Bowl for its flavorful ingredients and the perfect addition of a fried egg on top.

Where To Find It: You can be notified of their up to the minute locations around the Seattle area by following their Twitter feed @curb-cuisine.

Mas Tacos Por Favor, Nashville

You'll never look at a taco the same way after dining here. The interesting flavor combinations will make your mouth water. After a few tacos you'll definitely be saying "mas tacos por favor."

Ideal Order: We are huge fans of the tortilla soup and and quinoa-sweet potato taco.

Where To Find It: The truck is usally parked at 732 Mcferrin Avenue, but head to its Facebook page for more information.

Maximus/Minimus, Seattle

Chef Kurt Beecher Dammeier started serving up one of his favorite meals, braised pork, in the Spring of 2008. He added a delicious barbeque sauce that was developed for his restaurant, Bennet's, and he found his tastebuds getting happier and happier. At the same time he started to call his son Max, Maximus. The two ideas formed Maximus/Minimus, a food truck dedicated to serving delicious pork sandwiches. The name also refers to the two available flavors—Maximus is savory and spicy while Minimus is tangy and sweet.

Ideal Order: Dammeier's favorite order is the Minimus pulled pork sandwich with some Hurt, Maximus slaw, and a Minimus drink.

Where To Find It: You can usually find Maximus/Minimus on the corner of 6th and Pine in Downtown Seattle. When they're on the move check in with them on Twitter @somepigseattle.

Milk Truck, New York City

This artisinal food truck is dedicated to all things grilled cheese! In other words, you really can't go wrong here.

Ideal Order: The Milk Truck Classic includes aged Wisconsin Gruyere, cultured butter, and Balthazar Levain Pullman bread.

Where To Find It: Head to the truck's website for location information.

Mmmpanadas, Austin

Husband and wife cofounders Cody and Kristen Fields opened their artisan empanada truck in early 2008. The flaky, buttery, delectable pockets of heaven have been wooing Austin diners ever since. The couple focuses on fresh ingredients and unexpected flavor combinations to produce their enticing handmade empanadas daily. They have a savory and sweet menu items that includes popular choices like the Spicy Black Bean and Pineapple Cinnamon empanadas. The pocket-size treats are the perfect portable street food for any time of day.

Ideal Order: Try the Green Chile Chicken Empanada that has true Southwestern character with a little spice and a lot of flavor.

Where To Find It: You can find this food truck in several locations around Austin, Texas. Go to their website at to find out about exact locations.

The Nosh Truck, Bonita Springs, Florida

This truck is dedicated to serving what its chef Scott Sopher calls, "inspired street food." Think Korean barbecue sliders and Moroccan chicken pita.

Ideal Order: Fans of this food truck swear by the fried rabbit.

Where To Find It: This food truck is located in Bonita Springs, Florida. Follow along with the truck's movements via Twitter @noshtruck.

Only Burger, Durham

The burgers here, some of the best in the country, are made from fresh-ground Piedmontese chuck and served on fresh-baked and buttered toasted buns.

Ideal Order: The fried tomato burger can't be beat. It includes a fried green tomato and fried egg with housemade pimento cheese.

Where To Find It: Located in Durham, check the truck's website for its schedule.

Red Hook Lobster Pound, New York City

Developed by a husband and wife team, the idea for the Red Hook Lobster Pound was born when Susan Povich and her husband Ralph Goham were tearing into fresh lobsters they had brought home from a trip to Maine. While wishing that someone would bring the live Maine lobsters they loved to Brooklyn, they decided they should just do it themselves. Ever since they began their busienss in 2010, Ralph continues to drive up to Maine each week to haggle with lobstermen and haul home the freshest catch. With Susan's Maine roots combined with her training at the French Culinary Institute she has created an enticing menu of reinvented but traditional Maine lobster rolls and chowders. Time Out New York and Zagat are among the critics who think it is one of the best lobster rolls in New York City.

Ideal Order: There are a variety of seafood indulgences on offer, but let's face it, it's all about the lobster roll. Red Hook's is served cold with celery, spices, and homemade mayonnaise on a split top bun (or Connecticut-style, warm and buttered). Enjoy one of these rolls with a side of Cape Cod chips and your choice of Maine Root sodas.

Where To Find It: This truck roams around Manhattan, so check @lobstertruckny for its weekly schedule.

Rickshaw Stop, San Antonio

This San Antonio-based Pakistani food truck offers up some of the best kebabs and samosas in the South. Just like you are going to want to be sure to visit the Alamo when you are in Texas, you are going to want to visit Rickshaw Stop.

Ideal Order: Their "The World Famous Tony" includes two beef or chicken kabobs and samosas. Try the baklava if you're in the mood for something sweet.

Where To Find It: You can find this San Antonio, Texas based food truck's schedule on its website

Rito Loco, Washington, DC

Burritos are the name of the game here, and you really can't go wrong with what you order. Burritos here are made using a combination of Cuban, Spanish, and Soul Food flavors.

Ideal Order: The mojito chicken burrito is addictive. Proceed with caution.

Where To Find It: Located in Washington, DC, follow its Twitter feed for location information.

Roli Roti Gourmet Rotisserie, San Francisco

With a nickname like "Grandfather of Gourmet Street Food" this truck has a lot to live up to, but Roli Roti founder, Thomas Odermatt does it. As the son of a Swiss master butcher, Odermatt literally grew up in his family's butcher shop in the Swiss Alps. He credits his father for educating him on the importance of using the rights cuts of meat for the right purpose, and his mother for teaching him the family's recipies for savory rotisserie.

Ideal Order: The herb infused, free range rotisserie chicken with organic rosemary fingerling potatoes keep customers lined up around the block.

Where To Find It: You can follow this San Francisco-based food truck on Twitter @RoliRoti to find out its daily locations.

Roxy's Gourmet Grilled Cheese, Boston

This food truck takes grilled cheese to the next level with fresh ingredients and unexpected combinations. Created in Boston, you can often find them parked in front of Harvard University doling out cheesy goodness to hungry students. Their small print warns that it will take up to eight minutes to perfect your sandwich cooked to order, but it also reads that you can add bacon to anything, so we can live with that.

Ideal Order: The Green Muenster Melt, a crowd favorite, features muenster cheese, homemade guacamole, and apple wood bacon. Have that with a side of handcut truffle fries or a cup of tomato soup perfect for those chilly New England afternoons.

Where To Find It: This Boston-based truck posts its weekly location schedule on its website or follow them on Twitter @RoxysGrilledChz.

Schnitzel & Things, New York City

After losing his job as an investment banker in Vienna, Austria, Oleg Voss took his entrepreneurial spirit and degree from the French Culinary Institute and hit the road with his Schnitzel & Things truck. Inspired by his time in Vienna, Oleg offers German and Austrian fare to hungry New Yorkers on the go. The signature cutlets of chicken, pork, cod, and eggplant are thinly pounded and fried to a golden brow. It is the only food truck serving authentic schnitzel and one of the best places to get German food in the city.

Ideal Order: The chicken schnitzel traditionally served with Austrian potato salad, cucumber salad, and a lemon wedge with the spicy chili mayonnaise sauce on the side is a customer favorite.

Where To Find It: Schnitzel & Things can be found in various locations around New York City. Follow their Twitter feed @schnitznthings to be kept up to date on their whereabouts.

Scratch Street Food, Indianapolis

Known for its mobile comfort food, expect everything from the perfect burger to the perfect grilled cheese here.

Ideal Order: The Scratch Grilled Cheese includes Munster and Colby Jack cheese, red wine braised short rib, caramelized onions, and arugula, all served on toasted honey white bread. Enough said.

Where To Find It: This food truck is based in Indianapolis. Head to the truck's website for its weekly schedule.

Skillet, Seattle

Skillet serves modern American cuisine in a full commercial kitchen inside a 1968 Airstream Safari. Chef Josh Henderson consitently delivers innovative and satisfying dishes. The revolving seasonal menu keeps the offerings fresh and patrons enthusiastic. You can now buy their famed bacon jam nationwide and on their website.

Ideal Order: Popular plates include a coriander-braised duck, cous cous, pickled cucumbers, and baby beets dish and their maple-braised pork belly that comes with a cornmeal waffle, and a fried egg.

Where To Find It: This truck is always on the move throughout Seattle, so check out their website to see their calendar.

The Smoking Swine, Baltimore

Home to some of the best "underground" BBQ that you will ever eat.Expect food like ribs, pulled chicken, and pork and beef short ribs when you visit this truck.

Ideal Order: The Lonestar Brisket Sanwich is a signature.

Where To Find It: Follow the truck on Twitter for its schedule.

The Southern Mac & Cheese Truck, Chicago

There is no other way to put, the mac and cheese on offer out of this truck is simply out of this world. We love that Executive Chef Cary Taylor prepares different macs daily, so you'll never get bored of their offerings.

Ideal Order: You can't go wrong with the mac & cheese served with grilled shrimp and grits.

Where To Find It: This Chicago based truck's location is available on Twitter.

Spencer on the Go, San Francisco

Chef Laurent Kategly, owner of the distinguished Chez Spencer restuarant in San Francisco, was inspired to open up his own food truck after a visit to a local taco truck. Kategly serves up alternative French fare to-go. His specialities include frog legs, lobster salad, and lamb cheek sandwiches that have all been featured on The Food Network, TLC, and "The Oprah Winfrey Show."

Ideal Order: The buttery, flaky escargot lollipop, consistently gets rave reviews.

Where To Find It: This San Francisco-based food truck sets up shop in the SoMa neighborhood at 300 7th Street from Wednesday through Saturday from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Streetza Pizza, Milwaukee

It seems to make sense that a state widely known for its amazing range of cheeses is home to some of the best pizza places in America. In 2009 Streetza Pizza was named the best food truck in the U.S. by Bloomberg BuisinessWeek. There is a special oven built right into the truck that allows it to serve up hot and freshly cooked pizza made with the finest Wisconsin cheeses. Streetza Pizza has a huge following on social media, so they ask fans to write in with new recipe ideas. If your idea gets picked you can get your customized slices for free!

Ideal Order: If none of their special slices of the day inspire you, then order the 'A Slice of Milwaukee' pizza for some local flavor.

Where To Find It: This mobile pizzeria rolls around the city of Milwaukee. Follow them on Twitter (@StreetzaPizza). They even have a free application you can download from iTunes called Streetza Tracker that will give you directions to the closest truck.

Sugar Philly, Philadelphia

High end desserts that you can buy off the street? The creme brulee and macarons can't be beat.

Ideal Order: Don't make a stop here without trying the milk and honey macaron.

Where To Find It: Find this truck in Philadelphia. Visit its website for its exact location.

Taceaux Loceaux, New Orleans

Created by a husband and wife team, this "Nola-Mex" taco truck has some of the tastiest fare around. Bonus points: even their salsa is homemade.

Ideal Order: Enthusiasts of this truck swear by their Korean taco dubbed the "Seoul Man."

Where To Find It: Follow along with the truck's movement on Twitter.

Torched Goodness, Phoenix

Finally, a food truck that only serves creme brulee! But this isn't just your average creme brulee, their menu has over 30 flavors to choose from—from chocolate to lavendar to PB&J. They create all of these with only premium organic and locally grown ingredients. You then get to watch your creme brulee being torched right in front of you.

Ideal Order: You can never go wrong with traditional vanilla, but if you're feeling adventurous why not try one of their seasonal options like pumpkin spice?

Where To Find It: You can find this Phoenix-based truck's weekly schedule on its website ( Follow it on Twitter @torchedgoodness for updates.

Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream, New York City

When you see this dreamy, yellow pastel truck in your midst be ready for some seriously rich and creamy artisan ice cream in a wide range of fun flavors. They only use all-natural ingredients and hormone-free milk in their ice cream, which is made in Upstate New York. They also serve sundaes, root beer floats, and decadent coffee. And as a plus, a sum of their profits goes to Wildlife Direct, a grassroots organization protecting critically endangered species—a great excuse to treat yourself to an extra scoop!

Ideal Order: Try a scoop of one of their unique flavors like Earl Grey or pistachio.

Where To Find It: Six trucks roam around Brooklyn and Manhattan. Find all of their truck locations on their website They also have three stores—in the East Village, Greenpoint, and on Bergen Street.

Viking Soul Food, Portland

Food carts continue to introduce locals to cuisine that you just can't get at community restaurants. 2010 marked the opening of what might just be the only Norse-inspired food cart in America. Most everything is focused around Lefse, a Norwegian potato flatbread. The light texture of the traditional Norwegian toritilla is wrapped around a variety of non-traditional ingredients. These wonderfully flavorful wraps can be eaten either as a snack or in multiples for a full-on meal.

Ideal Order: A Lefse with meatballs and a Lingonberry iced tea.

Where To FInd It: The truck is usually stationed at SE 43rd and Belmont in Portland. Check out their Facebook page to be sure of their whereabouts.

Wafels & Dinges, New York City

In 2011 Zagat named Wafels & Dinges the best food truck in NYC, so good luck trying to escape their heavenly aromas while in the Big Apple. Owned by Thomas DeGeest, a Belgian expat who turned in his suitcase for a griddle in 2007, the menu here offers both sweet and savory selections. From the savory list expect items like the "Wake Up Grumpy," a waffle biscuit with egg, bacon, and cheese. The dignes (a.k.a. toppings and extras) menu includes a wide array of options like strawberries, belgian chocolate sauce, walnuts, and maple syrup that can be added atop a crispy Brussels wafel or a chewy Leige. Whichever combination you put together all orders come out hot and ready for devouring.

Ideal Order: The WMD or "Wafle of Massive Deliciousness" comes with as many dinges as you want!

Where To Find It: There are several locations all over New York City. Go to their website or call 866-429-7329 to find the truck nearest you. They now have a brick and mortar cafe on 209 East 2nd Street.

Where Ya At Matt, Seattle

Be sure to bring your appetite with you when visiting the best Soul Food truck in Seattle. Creator Matt Lewis, a Louisiana native, dishes up large portions of New Orleans inspired cuisine that can make even Seattle's rainiest days bright. Lewis learned all he knows from his mother and grandmother about making traditional Creole dishes like gumbo, jambalya, and etouffee. After graduating second in his class from the Culinary Institute of America and working in numerous restuarants he decided to open up his own mobile restaurant serving the recipies he knows and loves the best.

Ideal Order: Order one of their famous po' boys sandwiches, a traditional sub sandwich from Louisiana, and a sugar coated Beignet for dessert.

Where To Find It: The updated weekly schedule can be found on the company's Twitter (@WhereYaAtMatt) and on its Facebook page.

“The Great Food Truck Race” Premieres Sunday

Official Food Network Press Release:


Tyler Florence Hosts Cross-Country Culinary Journey in ‘The Great Food Truck Race’

Premieres: Sunday, August 15th at 10PM Post-Premiere Timeslot: Sundays at 9PM

NEW YORK, New York – JULY 12, 2010 -Amazing chefs across the country are leaving traditional restaurants behind and hitting the streets in mobile kitchens serving some of the most unique and delicious dishes ever tasted. Food Network’s new primetime series, The Great Food Truck Race, features seven such gourmet food trucks as they embark on an epic coast-to-coast culinary road trip to convince Americans to step outside their culinary comfort zones and try something new – from a truck. Tyler Florence hosts this six-episode competition premiering Sunday, August 15th at 10pm ET/PT the series resumes in its regular timeslot of Sundays at 9pm ET/PT on August 22nd. From out-of-the-box sandwiches, burgers, and crepes to unique takes on Vietnamese, French, and Cajun cuisines, the trucks compete in weekly challenges to see who can sell the most food and race to the next episode while the losing team drives home. The last truck standing wins a $50,000 grand prize.

“Not only does the series focus on a hot new culinary trend, but the drama of the competition pushes these teams’ cooking skills, business savvy and relationships to their limit,” said General Manager/Senior Vice President Programming, Bob Tuschman.

The seven trucks include: Austin Daily Press (Austin, Texas), Crepes Bonaparte (Fullerton, Calif.), Grill ‘Em All (Los Angeles, Calif.), Nana Queens ( Culver City, Calif.), Nom Nom Truck (Los Angeles, Calif.), Ragin’ Cajun (Hermosa Beach, Calif.), and Spencer on the Go (San Francisco, Calif.). Click HERE for team bios.

In the premiere, the teams meet Tyler in Los Angeles, the center of the food truck revolution, and the race begins with the teams’ first game-changing twist known in each episode as the Truck Stop challenge: Instead of starting in Los Angeles, the race commences in San Diego. To even the playing field, the teams begin with empty trucks and an equal amount of seed money. They have three days to prepare, promote and sell their food by any means necessary. After a weekend of triumphs, teamwork, and tests of character, the totals are tallied and the trucks find out who continues the great race and who goes home. New twists and turns arise as the race continues through Santa Fe, N.M. Ft. Worth, Texas New Orleans Jonesborough, Tenn., and concludes as the final two trucks race to the finish line with through the hungry streets of New York City’s five boroughs. Guest chefs throughout the season include: Tim Love, Jacques Leonardi, Eric DiStefano and Nate Appleman. The Great Food Truck Race is produced by RelativityREAL, LLC.

So now that the first Great Food Truck Race is done what did I think? Was the entire thing scripted? Click HERE.

With The Dogfather, One of San Anto’s Own Finally Finds A Permanent Home

Seven years after launching Rocker Dogz, a punk-rock street cart that served loaded hot dogs, chef Kris Martinez is finally home.

Now the head chef at The Dogfather, a concept opened last November by Jenn Alva and Jamie Hoppe of The Bang Bang Bar, Martinez is dishing out the same dogs that made him a household name for bar-goers at the late Pedicab Bar on Cevallos back in 2011.

For those unfamiliar, the chef has been cooking for the better half of his life, including a stint as an on-the-road tour caterer for the likes of Warped Tour, where he cooked out of 18-wheeler mobile kitchens for more than 600 people at a time. Back in San Antonio, Martinez was the banquet chef for Sunset Station, pushing the boundary with nitrogen margaritas and other treats.

With Rocker Dogz, Martinez became known for now-classics such as The Thai Rocker Dog with sweet chili glaze, Thai red cabbage slaw and topped with cilantro-mint lime sesame vinaigrette, and the Bella Blue, made with a red wine reduction and bleu cheese sauce.

There have been plenty of false starts. Locations that went un-leased, partners who used Martinez’s recipes after the chef had parted ways with the business. Still, Rocker Dogz’s fandom returned every time the chef popped up at a different location for good reason. The dogz were creative, fresh, detail-driven, and not just bar food.

It was the end of an era when Martinez finally sold his stickered cart last year. But after spending time at Pugel’s as head chef, Martinez hooked up with Hoppe and Alva, and the rest is history.

The casual San Pedro spot features a mix of old — the Thai and Bella are back, obviously — and new, with dogs like the Italian-inspired Hitman where Martinez can stretch his legs with beef Bolognese, crushed red pepper, melted mozzarella, Parmesan and fresh herbs or the Mushroom Kingdom with white wine and herb sautéed ’shrooms, caramelized onions and Swizz cheese.

The Elote Dog with namesake corn has its own fans, as does The Rebel, essentially a Mexican-inspired chili dog with onions, cilantro, mustard and Martinez’s award-winning borracho chili that’s a balance of sweet, spicy and savory.

Though a burger of the week is offered, the dogs that keep this writer coming back are the board specials. The rotating cast of doggies, with everything from the Takis-topped Ratchet to the Frito Pie Dog and The Guac Dog is when Martinez and co. really have fun. The former contained texture from said hot Takis and crunchy Fritos, respectively, which in turn make these dogs some of the most San Antonian bites in the city. The latter was a creamy mix of refried beans and guacamole, piped using a starburst tip that added thoughtfulness to the already-tasty dogs.

Aside from one dry bun during a recent visit, The Dogfather has nailed casual dining from its food to its service, which deserves its own nod. The staff of five rotating, front-of-house members has made each experience pleasant with their friendly hellos, their warmth and hospitableness. Floored by the professionalism coming out of a hot dog joint, I called general manager Spencer Pearson to chat about his staffing guidelines. Pearson, whose background is in retail management, tries to lead by example.

“If you’re clear about setting that bar up front, you can model the example as a leader running it,” Pearson said. “The rest of the staff follows suit. Our focus is building relationships with people that come in, get to know them, make them comfortable, make it a place where people can hang out. It’s not just about pushing buttons on an iPad and walking food out.”

Between an excellent staff and Martinez’s tricked-out tots and dogs, I’m betting this San Pedro outpost will stick around for years to come.

The Dogfather: 6211 San Pedro Ave., (210) 481-4272
The Skinny: Busy San Pedro gained a new staple with The Dogfather where the hot dogs are the main event.
Best Bet: Dog of the day, Thai Kickboxer, The Rebel
Hours: 11am-midnight Sun-Thu, 11am-4am Fri-Sat
Cost: $8-$10 for a dog, $7-$8 for sides

Regional Chinese roundup 2.0

The Bay Area's Chinese food scene is evolving. Sichuan and Hunan cuisine continue to gain in popularity and we're finally getting access to foods from Shaanxi, Guilin, and northwestern China.

To help make sense of the diversity of Chinese cuisine available in the Bay Area, this project aims to document restaurants that specialize in a regional Chinese cuisine, or at least have uncommon regional dishes. All together, the Bay Area has close to 200 Chinese restaurants that deviate from the Bay Area's Cantonese and Chinese-American backbone. That includes about twenty regional/ethnic styles that are not Cantonese and six regional/ethnic Cantonese variations.

Just do a search and you'll find lots of in-depth discussions of what characterizes these regional cuisines and/or what dish(es), ingredients, and techniques make each restaurant special. Regions of course don't live in a vacuum, and a chef's pedigree (or menu) says nothing of their skills at making regional dishes. Treat these categories as rough guidance. Note also that menus are often studded with fool's gold that masks a restaurant's specialties, so a little bit of research about a restaurant goes a long way.

Some Cantonese sub-categories are included, but let's focus on Cantonese (i.e., Guangdong) and Hong Kong in other posts since they form the foundation of the Bay Area's Chinese cuisine, and have lots of specialty shops worthy of their own discussions (e.g., dim sum, desserts, meats, etc.).

As of October 2014, the Bay Area has lots of weak spots, both in terms of quality and diversity. There's only a Yunnan or Fujian/Hokkien dish here or there, and nothing from Anhui and various other places. But we can be hopeful--- 2013 and 2014 saw the opening of some international chains (e.g., Hakkasan), a small Guilin noodle place, and several Shaanxi restaurants. In 2015, high profile Chinese restaurants will open in San Francisco, including an Embarcadero Center outlet of Singapore chain "Crystal Jade Jiangnan," George Chen's mixed use "China Live" in Chinatown, Brandon Jew's seasonally focused "Mister Jiu" in Chinatown, and Joshua Skenes and Adam Fleischman’s upcoming SoMa hand-pulled noodle place "Fat Noodle." Lots to come.

Please add new discoveries and let us know if anything has been mis-characterized, especially if a place's menu doesn't reflect the purported region. I'll incorporate revisions into a Version 3.0 of this list when this post becomes unwieldy.

= Shaanxi / Xi'an (all have hand-pulled noodles, most have liang pi) =
OK Noodle (Newark)
QQ Noodle (Milpitas, Cupertino) (no liang pi)
Shandong Deluxe (SF Parkside)
Terra Cotta Warrior (SF Outer Sunset)
Thousand Tasty (Milpitas)
Xi'an Gourmet (SF Richmond)

= Shaanxi biang biang noodles =
Imperial Tea Court (Berkeley)

=Shaanxi scissor cut noodles=
M.Y. China (SF Union Square)

= Shanxi knife shaved noodles =
Ancient Szechuan (El Cerrito)
Five Happiness (SF Inner Richmond)
Five Joy (San Mateo)
Sichuan Fusion (Richmond)
Su Hong (Palo Alto, technically an approximation that's hand cut vertically)


Some dishes available at:
OK Noodle (Newark)
Shandong Deluxe (SF Parkside)
Terra Cotta Warrior (SF Outer Sunset)
Xi'an Gourmet (SF Inner Richmond)

= Langzhou hand-pulled noodles (twirled vertically) =
Ark Chinese Restaurant (Alameda)
M.Y. China (SF Union Square)

= Lagman hand-pulled noodles / Xinjiang Ban Mian (yanked sideways) =
Shandong Deluxe (SF Parkside)
House of Pancakes (SF Parkside)

== TIBET ==
Cafe Tibet (Berkeley)
Nomad Tibetan (Berkeley)
Tashi Delek (El Cerrito)
Yongewa Kitchen (Cotati, Sonoma County)

Bamboo Garden (Mountain View)
Chef Xiu (Mountain View)
Dongbei Mama (SF Inner Richmond)
Guan Dong House (Cupertino)
Little Shen Yang (Union City)
Michelle's Pancake House (Cupertino, So-Cal chain)
Sungari Dumpling (SF Excelsior, chef from Liaoning)

= Shenyang =
Made in China (SF Parkside)
China North Dumpling (SF Outer Sunset, dumpling maker and/or owner from Shenyang)

== HUNAN ==
Chef Yu / Hunan Gourmet (Sunnyvale)
Chili Garden Restaurant (Milpitas)
Chili Palace (Milpitas)
Henry Hunan (SF chain/institution with a few Hunan dishes/ham, but mostly Chinese American stir-fries)
Hunan House (SF Chinatown) / Grand Hot Pot Lounge (SF Inner Richmond)
Made in China (SF Parkside)
Noodle Shop/Mao Family Cooking (San Mateo)
Shao Mountain (Fremont Mountain View)
Wonderful (Millbrae)

Guilin Noodles (Oakland, Chinatown)

(Shandong owner and/or food, with no direct nod to Korea)

Ark Chinese Restaurant (Alameda)
China Village (Albany, owner of Shandong heritage, Shandong dishes mainly by special order)
Great China (Berkeley)
Hung’s Kitchen (San Ramon)
Palace Chef (Fremont)
Shandong Deluxe (SF Parkside)
Shandong Restaurant (Oakland, Chinatown)
Tong Dumpling (Cupertino)
Tsing Tao (Campbell)
Xian Gourmet (SF Inner Richmond, dumpling maker is from Shandong)

(Shandong dishes with Hangul on the menu. All have black zha jiang mian)

Chef Wang (Millbrae)
Chef Yu (Oakland, Temescal)
China Way (Santa Clara)
Koryo Jajang (Oakland, Temescal)
Nak Kung (Santa Clara)
San Tung (SF Inner Sunset)
San Wang (SF Japantown)
Tong Soon Garden (Santa Clara)
Yu Yu Restaurant (Dublin)
Zazang Korean Noodle (SF Pacific Heights)

(Geographical usage here, but note that the terms "Mandarin Chinese" and "Northern Chinese" are sometimes used as all-inclusive terms to describe that which is not Cantonese or Cantonese-American. See also Shaanxi.)

= Beijing =
Beijing Duck House (Cupertino)
Beijing Restaurant (SF Excelsior)
Everyday Beijing (San Mateo)
House of Pancakes (SF Parkside)
Taste Good Beijing Cuisine (Milpitas)

= Islamic Chinese =
Chinjin Eastern House (West San Jose)
Darda (Fremont, Milpitas)
Ma's (Cupertino)
Old Mandarin (SF Outer Sunset)
Shinjin (San Jose)

= Inner Mongolia =
Little Sheep Hot Pot (Cupertino, Union City, SF Union Square, San Mateo)

= Tianjin =
Golden Garlic (San Jose)
House of Dumplings (Union City)
Tianjin Dumpling (Oakland, Chinatown, not a full service restaurant, just a window)

= Other Northern and Jiaozi (dumplings) (might actually be Shandong or Dongbei) =
China North Dumpling (SF Outer Sunset)
Dumpling Empire (South San Francisco)
iDumpling (Redwood City, chef from Beijing)
House of Xian Dumpling (SF Chinatown)
King of Noodle (SF Inner Sunset)
Kingdom of Dumpling (SF Parkside)
Michelle's Pancake House (Cupertino)
Panda Dumpling (San Carlos, Redwood City)
Town of Dumpling (San Mateo)
Xian Gourmet (SF Inner Richmond, dumpling maker is from Shandong)
Xiao Long Bao (SF Inner Richmond)

= House made bing =
(see )
Beijing Restaurant (SF Excelsior)
House of Pancakes (SF Parkside)
Michelle's Pancake House (Cupertino)

Bamboo Garden (Mountain View)
Bund Shanghai (SF Chinatown)
Dumpling Kitchen (SF Parkside)
Five Happiness (SF Inner Richmond)
Happy Cafe (San Mateo)
Jai Yun (SF Chinatown the chef is from Nanjing and only offers a multi-course menu)
Lily's House (Lafayette)
Liou's House (Milpitas)
Little Shanghai (San Mateo)
Lulu's Kitchen (Concord)
Melin House (Milpitas)
North China (SF Inner Richmond)
Old Shanghai (SF Inner Richmond)
Panda Dumpling (San Carlos, Redwood City, Shanghainese chef with a few items)
Rice Valley (SF Sunnyside)
Sha Bistro (Fremont)
Shanghai Delight (Milpitas)
Shanghai Dim Sum (Cupertino)
Shanghai Ding Sheng Restaurant (Milpitas)
Shanghai Dumpling King (SF Outer Richmond and Sunnyside)
Shanghai Dumpling Shop (Millbrae) / Xiao Long Bao Kitchen (South San Francisco)
Shanghai Dumpling (Cupertino)
Shanghai Family Restaurant (Cupertino)
Shanghai Flavor (Fremont)
Shanghai Flavor Shop (Sunnyvale)
Shanghai Garden (Cupertino)
Shanghai House (SF Outer Richmond)
Shanghai Restaurant (Oakland, Chinatown)
Shanghai Winter Garden (Millbrae)
Su Hong (Palo Alto)
Top Noodle (Milpitas)

Ancient Szechuan (El Cerrito)
CBI Chili BBQ Icedtea (Milpitas)
Chengdu Style Restaurant (Berkeley)
Chef Zhao Bistro (Mountain View)
Chili Pot (Cupertino)
China Lounge (Pleasanton)
China Village (Albany)
Da Sichuan (Palo Alto)
Dongbei Mama (SF Inner Richmond)
Dragon Garden (Cupertino)
Fey Restaurant (Menlo Park)
Grand Hot Pot Lounge (SF Inner Richmond) / Hunan House (SF Chinatown)
Happy Sichuan Restaurant (Millbrae)
Little Sichuan (San Mateo)
Little Sichuan Restaurant (Newark)
Little Szechuan (SF North Beach)
Mandarin Garden (Berkeley)
Mama Ji's (SF Castro, dinner menu)
Mandarin Gourmet (Palo Alto, chef from Chengdu)
Pepper Bros (Newark)
Sichuan Chili (Sichuan, San Jose)
Sichuan Chong Qing Cuisine (San Mateo)
Sichuan Fortune House (Pleasant Hill)
Sichuan Fusion (Richmond)
Sichuan Home (SF Inner Richmond)
Sichuan House (Walnut Creek)
Sichuan Table (SF Outer Richmond)
South Legend Sichuan Restaurant (Milpitas)
Spicy Empire (San Mateo) / Spicy King (SF Chinatown, currently not open) / Szechuan Cuisine
Spicy Garden Restaurant (SoMa)
Uncle Cafe (SF Chinatown) / Newark Cafe (Newark)
Spicy Legend (SF Outer Richmond)
Spicy Town (Fremont)
Yi Ping ( San Ramon)
Yi Yuan (Millbrae)
Z&Y (SF Chinatown) / Chili House (SF Inner Richmond)

(see also bubble tea, shaved ice, and various Taiwanese bakeries and desserts)

Ai Noodle (Cupertino)
China Bee (San Mateo, Taiwanese)
Dragon Gate (Oakland Jack London Square)
Five Happiness (SF Inner Richmond)
Grand Harbor (Fremont)
Joy Restaurant (San Mateo)
Liou's House Chinese Restaurant (Milpitas)
Mama Chef (Santa Clara)
Mama Chen's Kitchen (Cupertino)
Southland Flavor Cafe (Cupertino)
Taste of Formosa (SF Outer Richmond)
Taiwan Bento (Taiwan, Oakland)
Taiwan Café (Milpitas)
Taiwan Restaurant (Berkeley)
Taiwan Restaurant (SF Inner Richmond)

= Sichuan/Taiwanese "military dependent's village cuisine" =
(See for reference this closed place )
Liang's Village Cuisine (Cupertino)

= Taiwanese Sichuan =
Spices / Spices II (SF Inner Richmond)
Spices Fremont (Fremont)
Spices III (Oakland)

== CANTONESE / GUANGDONG subsets and offshoots ==
See KK's Regional Cantonese primer at: . Some scattered Shunde and Zhongshan Cantonese dishes in Millbrae at Gourmet Village, The Kitchen, and Champagne restaurant (San Mateo/Millbrae) .

See also dim sum, Cantonese seafood, Chinese bakeries, Chinese BBQ or roast meats, wo choy, clay pot, banquet, congee / jook / porridge, Taishan / Toishan, Cha Chaan Teng, HK Cantonese, Hong Kong café, Hong Kong western cuisine, and restaurants Yum's Bistro and Cooking Papa.

= Teochew / Chiuchow / Chaozhou / Teo Chow / Chinjiew =
Menkee Wonton (SF Outer Sunset)
Teo Chew Noodle Shack (Fremont)
Ying Kee (Oakland Chinatown)

= Teochew etc. / Vietnamese =
Hai Ky Mi Gia (SF Tenderloin)
Lam Hoa Than (SF Outer Sunset)
San Sun (SF Chinatown)
Thai Nghiep Ky Mi Gia (SF Outer Sunset)
Thanh Ky (Oakland Eastlake)
VH Noodle (Richmond)
Vien Huong (Oakland Chinatown)

= Hakka =
Dragon river (SF Outer Richmond)
Hakka Restaurant (SF Outer Richmond)
Ton Kiang (SF Outer Richmond)

= Macanese =
T 28 (SF Parkside)

= Shunde =
Jade Garden (SF Outer Richmond)
Yum's Bistro (Fremont)

= Zhong Shan =
Zhong Shan Restaurant (SF Parkside)

== OTHER ==
(See also the rising availability of skewers & hot pot, and Chinese hybrid cuisines such as Peranakan / Nonya (Singapore / Malaysian Chinese) , Chifa (Peruvian Chinese) , and of course Chinese American (American Chinese, the elusive "NY Cantonese", Kosher Chinese, Chinese fusion) )

== Chinese Vegetarian (notables) ==
Jai Yun (SF Chinatown the chef is from Nanjing and only offers a multi-course menu vegetarian menu by special order)
Jyun Kang Vegetarian Restaurant (Ukiah, associated with Buddhist temple)
Sogo Tofu (San Jose, Taiwanese vegetarian, tons of freshly made take out items)

== Chinese Vegetarian ==
Enjoy Vegetarian (SF Chinatown SF Inner Sunset SF Outer Richmond)
Garden Fresh (Palo Alto, Mountain View)
Long Life Vegi House (Berkeley)
Loving Hut (Oakland Chinatown SF Chinatown)
Lucky Creation (SF Chinatown lots of take out gluten items by the pound-- great for a picnic)
Royal Greens Vegetarian (San Jose)
Shangri-La restaurant (SF Outer Sunset)

== Indian / Desi Chinese =
Chennai Club (San Mateo)
Red Hot Chilli Pepper (San Carlos)
Spice Kitchen (Newark)
Wang's Kitchen (Milpitas)

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Episode Show Number Topic Item Chef/Host Restaurant Location
Pilot EV0100 Pilot Burnt Ends on Bun Duff Goldman Gates Bar-B-Q Kansas City, Missouri
Pilot EV0100 Pilot Beef Marrow and Oxtail Marmalade Anne Burrell Blue Ribbon New York, NY
Pilot EV0100 Pilot Banana Cream Pie Adam Gertler Bandera Los Angeles, California
Pilot EV0100 Pilot Eggs Benedict Sunny Anderson Upstairs On the Square Cambridge, MA
Pilot EV0100 Pilot Ebelskivers Aarón Sánchez Shopsin's New York, NY
Pilot EV0100 Pilot Toasted Ricotta Gnocchi Danny Boome Jane Bistro New York, NY
Pilot EV0100 Pilot Canolli Alex Guarnaschelli Caffe Dante New York, NY
Pilot EV0100 Pilot Guinea Hen Ted Allen Restaurant Guy Savoy, Caesars Palace Las Vegas, NV
1 EV0101 Totally Fried French Fries Bobby Flay Balthazar New York, NY
1 EV0101 Totally Fried Deep Fried Hot Dog Alex Guarnaschelli Rawley's Drive In Fairfield, Connecticut
1 EV0101 Totally Fried Fried Shrimp Heads Duff Goldman Joss Sushi Annapolis, MD
1 EV0101 Totally Fried Made To Order Donuts Giada De Laurentiis Lola Seattle, WA
1 EV0101 Totally Fried Tempura Bacon (Discontinued) Ted Allen The Red Cat (Closed) New York, NY
1 EV0101 Totally Fried Spicy Pork Rinds Michael Symon Publican Chicago, IL
1 EV0101 Totally Fried Fried Brussel Sprouts Aarón Sánchez Lolita Cleveland, OH
1 EV0101 Totally Fried Mofongo Guy Fieri Benny's Seafood South Miami, FL
2 EV0102 Bar-B-Que BBQ Beef Brisket Ted Allen North Main BBQ Euless, TX
2 EV0102 Bar-B-Que BBQ Chicken Adam Gertler Dinosaur Bar B Que Syracuse, NY
2 EV0102 Bar-B-Que BBQ Shrimp Alex Guarnaschelli Pascal's Manale New Orleans, LA
2 EV0102 Bar-B-Que BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich Tyler Florence Charlie Vergo's Rendezvous Memphis, TN
2 EV0102 Bar-B-Que BBQ Pork Ribs Delilah Winder Ronnie's Ribs, Wings and Other Things Richmond, VA
2 EV0102 Bar-B-Que BBQ Beef Ribs Michael Symon Daisy May's (Closed) New York, NY
2 EV0102 Bar-B-Que Baked BBQ Pork Buns Chris Cosentino Yank Sing San Francisco, CA
2 EV0102 Bar-B-Que BBQ Combo Plate and BBQ Beef Ribs Duff Goldman and Bobby Flay The Salt Lick Driftwood, TX
3 EV0103 With Bacon Bacon Burger Guy Fieri Hodad's San Diego, CA
3 EV0103 With Bacon Office Burger Adam Gertler Father's Office Los Angeles, CA
3 EV0103 With Bacon House Smoked Bacon Flatbread Aida Mollenkamp Nopa San Francisco, CA
3 EV0103 With Bacon Salumi Cone Tyler Florence Boccalone Salumeria San Francisco
3 EV0103 With Bacon Bacon Apple Maple Donuts Chris Consentino Dynamo Donut and Coffee San Francisco
3 EV0103 With Bacon BLT Ted Allen Choice Market Brooklyn, NY
3 EV0103 With Bacon Angry Mussels Delilah Wilder JCT Kitchen Atlanta, GA
3 EV0103 With Bacon Bacon Chocolate Crunch Bar Duff Goldman Animal Los Angeles
4 EV0104 Sugar Rush CMP (Chocolate Marshmallow and Peanuts) Duff Goldman Woodberry Kitchen Baltimore, Maryland
4 EV0104 Sugar Rush Sam's Sundae Aida Mollenkamp Bi-Rite Creamery San Francisco
4 EV0104 Sugar Rush Toasted Marshmallow Shake Michael Symon Stand (Closed) New York, NY
4 EV0104 Sugar Rush Chocolate Bar Dessert Cat Cora Tru Chicago, IL
4 EV0104 Sugar Rush Golden Delicious Apple Tart Alex Guarnaschelli Al Forno Providence, RI
4 EV0104 Sugar Rush S'Mores Sandra Lee Luna Park Los Angeles, CA
4 EV0104 Sugar Rush Pecan Pie John T. Edge Brigtsen's Restaurant New Orleans, Louisiana
4 EV0104 Sugar Rush Chocolate Hazelnut Purse Giada De Laurentiis Riva Restaurant Santa Monica, California
5 EV0105 Pizza Arugula and Parmesan Pizza Ted Allen Graziella's Brooklyn, NY
5 EV0105 Pizza Sausage Patty Style Pizza Duff Goldman Gino's East Chicago
5 EV0105 Pizza Yukon Gold Potato Pizza Alex Guarnaschelli Five Points New York, NY
5 EV0105 Pizza Breakfast Pizza Adam Gertler Little Dom's Los Angeles
5 EV0105 Pizza Rosa Pizza John T. Edge Pizzeria Bianco Phoenix, Arizona
5 EV0105 Pizza Chocolate Pizza Aarón Sánchez Max Brenner New York, NY
5 EV0105 Pizza Margherita Pizza Marc Summers Osteria Philadelphia, PA
5 EV0105 Pizza Roasted Chanterelles Truffle Cheese Pizza Tyler Florence Serious Pie Seattle, WA
6 EV0106 Obsessions Stone Crabs Bobby Flay Joe's Stone Crab Miami, FL
6 EV0106 Obsessions Creamy Rice Aarón Sánchez Zarela New York, NY
6 EV0106 Obsessions New York Strip Steak Cat Cora Lucky's Montecito, CA
6 EV0106 Obsessions Fried Buffalo Wings Aaron McCargo Jr. The Jug Handle Inn Cinnaminson, NJ
6 EV0106 Obsessions Linguini With Clams And Mussels In Saffron Broth Danny Boome Tree Bistro New York, NY
6 EV0106 Obsessions Kumamoto Oysters Tyler Florence Hog Island Oyster Co. San Francisco, CA
6 EV0106 Obsessions Triple Coconut Cream Pie Delilah Wilder Ritz Seafood Voorhees, NJ
6 EV0106 Obsessions Lemon-Scallion Dungeness Crab Cakes Giada DeLaurentiis Dahlia Lounge Seattle
7 EV0107 Wake Up Call Peanut Butter and Banana Stuffed French Toast Bobby Flay Café 222 San Diego, California
7 EV0107 Wake Up Call Cinnamon Rolls Ted Allen Ann Sather Chicago
7 EV0107 Wake Up Call Ricotta Blueberry Pancakes Aida Mollenkamp BLD Los Angeles, CA
7 EV0107 Wake Up Call Wicked Spicy Hot Chocolate Giada De Laurentiis Jacques Torres New York, NY
7 EV0107 Wake Up Call The Chop and Chick Guy Fieri Matt's Big Breakfast Phoenix, Arizona
7 EV0107 Wake Up Call Pasta Mama Susan Feniger Hugo's Los Angeles
7 EV0107 Wake Up Call Corned Beef Hash Michael Symon Big Al's Diner Cleveland, OH
7 EV0107 Wake Up Call Huevos Montelenos Duff Goldman Golden West Café Baltimore, MD
8 EV0108 Between Bread Polish Boy Michael Symon Seti's Truck Cleveland, Ohio
8 EV0108 Between Bread Classic Bánh Mì and Pork Chop Bánh Mì Anne Burrell and Aarón Sánchez Nicky's Vietnamese Sandwiches New York, NY
8 EV0108 Between Bread Steakburger Marc Summers Steak 'n Shake Various locations
8 EV0108 Between Bread #19-Pastrami Sandwich Adam Gertler Langer's Deli Los Angeles
8 EV0108 Between Bread Bacon and Marmalade Sandwich Chris Cosentino Prune New York, NY
8 EV0108 Between Bread Cheese Steak Aaron McCargo Jr. Carmen's Deli Bellmawr, New Jersey
8 EV0108 Between Bread Cheese Steak Aaron McCargo Jr. Yellow Submarine Maple Shade Township, New Jersey
8 EV0108 Between Bread Godmother Sandwich Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken Bay Cities Italian Deli & Bakery Santa Monica, California
8 EV0108 Between Bread 52Chaps Submarine Guy Fieri and Duff Goldman Chap's Pit Beef Baltimore, Maryland
9 EV0109 With My Hands Fried Chicken Guy Fieri Uncle Lou's Memphis, TN
9 EV0109 With My Hands Panzarotti Aaron McCargo Jr. Panzarotti Pizza King Camden, NJ
9 EV0109 With My Hands Sliders (Cheeseburgers) Michael Psilakis White Manna Hackensack, NJ
9 EV0109 With My Hands Dip Sum Donuts Marc Summers Buddakan Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
9 EV0109 With My Hands Deviled Eggs and Devils on Horseback Danny Boome The Spotted Pig New York, NY
9 EV0109 With My Hands Tacos Aarón Sánchez Chico's Tacos El Paso, Texas
9 EV0109 With My Hands Chocolate Coconut Cupcake Alex Guarnaschelli Joan's on Third Los Angeles, CA
9 EV0109 With My Hands Pupusa Mary Sue Milliken Sarita's Pupuseria Los Angeles, CA
10 EV0110 Filled With Envy An's Famous Garlic Noodles Duff Goldman Crustacean Beverly Hills, CA
10 EV0110 Filled With Envy Salmon Rillettes (Rillettes Aux Deux Saumons) Tyler Florence Bouchon Yountville, CA
10 EV0110 Filled With Envy Spicy Broccoli Cat Cora Olives, W Hotel New York, NY
10 EV0110 Filled With Envy Carne Asada a la Oaxaqueña Alex Guarnaschelli Frontera Grill Chicago, IL
10 EV0110 Filled With Envy Orecchiette Michael Pslakis I Trulli New York, NY
10 EV0110 Filled With Envy Roasted Cauliflower and Wild Mushroom Soup Aaron McCargo Jr. Bolete Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
10 EV0110 Filled With Envy Warm Sea Urchin with Dungeness Crab Aida Mollenkamp Anchor & Hope San Francisco
10 EV0110 Filled With Envy Shanghai Lobster Sandra Lee Chinois on Main Santa Monica, CA
Episode Show Number Topic Item Chef/Host Restaurant Location
1 EV201 Holiday Barbecue Alton Brown Beachcomber BBQ & Grill St. Simons Island, Georgia
1 EV201 Holiday Seafood Cobb Salad Tyler Florence The Rotunda at Neiman-Marcus San Francisco
1 EV201 Holiday Elvis Panini Claire Robinson The Patterson House Nashville, TN
1 EV201 Holiday Pannetone Milanese Giada de Laurentiis Emporio Rulli Larkspur, CA
1 EV201 Holiday Saffron Bigoli with Duck Ragou Art Smith Boka Restaurant Chicago, IL
1 EV201 Holiday Warm Indian Pudding Alex Guarnaschelli The Colonial Inn Concord, MA
1 EV201 Holiday Pernil Aarón Sánchez Casa Adela New York, NY
1 EV201 Holiday Peking Duck Duff Goldman Peking Gourmet Inn Falls Church, VA
2 EV202 Hometown Favorites Umami Giada De Laurentiis Umami Burger Hollywood, CA
2 EV202 Hometown Favorites Cosmic Dog Alton Brown Jack's Cosmic Dog Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina
2 EV202 Hometown Favorites Sweet Potato Cobbler Pat Neely and Gina Neely Alcenia's Memphis, Tennessee
2 EV202 Hometown Favorites Stuffed Quahog Duff Goldman Marshland Sandwich, Massachusetts
2 EV202 Hometown Favorites Pasta Bolognese Ina Garten Vine Street Cafe Shelter Island, NY
2 EV202 Hometown Favorites Spinach Pizza Adam Gertler Chefs of New York East Northport, NY
2 EV202 Hometown Favorites Hash Sunny Anderson Duke's Bar B-Que Orangeburg, SC
2 EV202 Hometown Favorites Kale Soup Emeril Lagasse St. John's Club Fall River, MA
3 EV203 Cheesy Grilled Cheese Sandwich Ina Garten E.A.T. New York, NY
3 EV203 Cheesy French Onion Soup Beau MacMillan Zinc Bistro Scottsdale, Arizona
3 EV203 Cheesy Cheeseburger Ryan D'Agostino Shady Glen Dairy Manchester, Connecticut
3 EV203 Cheesy Macaroni and Cheese Sunny Anderson Cafe des Artistes Los Angeles, CA
3 EV203 Cheesy Cheese Fondue Rocco DiSpirito Artisanal Bistro New York, NY
3 EV203 Cheesy Cheese Souffle Alex Guarnaschelli Le Goulue Bal Harbour, FL
3 EV203 Cheesy Crabmeat Au Gratin John Besh Bon Ton Cafe New Orleans, LA
3 EV203 Cheesy Lasagna Verde Giada De Laurentiis Angelini Osteria Los Angeles, CA
4 EV204 Salty Goodness Egg and Pork Belly Confit Tyler Florence Bottega Yountville, California
4 EV204 Salty Goodness Kouing Aman Pat Neely and Gina Neely Les Madeleines Salt Lake City, Utah
4 EV204 Salty Goodness Caesar Salad Alex Guarnaschelli Pietro's New York, NY
4 EV204 Salty Goodness Fried Country Ham Alton Brown The Dillard House Dillard, GA
4 EV204 Salty Goodness Tsar Nicoulai Sampler Aarón Sánchez Tsar Nicoulai, Ferry Building San Francisco, CA
4 EV204 Salty Goodness Sweet and Salty Brownie Claire Robinson Baked Brooklyn, NY
4 EV204 Salty Goodness Cyprus Breakfast Ryan D'Agostino Kanella Philadelphia, PA
4 EV204 Salty Goodness Beef Jerky Michael Symon Czuchraj Meats Cleveland, OH
5 EV205 Meat-Fest Leg of Beast Aarón Sánchez Incanto (Closed) San Francisco, CA
5 EV205 Meat-Fest Bar-B-Q Beef Sandwich Cat Cora Cold Spring Tavern Santa Barbara, CA
5 EV205 Meat-Fest Roast Suckling Pig Adam Gertler Amada Philadelphia, PA
5 EV205 Meat-Fest Lamb Shank Duff Goldman Sardinia Enoteca Restaurante Miami Beach, FL
5 EV205 Meat-Fest Costina Anne Burrell Salumeria Rosi Parmacotto New York, NY
5 EV205 Meat-Fest The No. 7 Half Chicken Ted Allen No. 7 Brooklyn, NY
5 EV205 Meat-Fest Italian Beef and Sausage Sandwich Ray Lampe Joe Boston's Italian Beef Chicago, IL
5 EV205 Meat-Fest Large Format Feast (Spring Goat) Michael Symon Resto New York, NY
6 EV206 Snack Attack Pickles Ted Allen McClure's Pickles Troy, MI
6 EV206 Snack Attack Halfsteak Nachos (Discontinued) Anne Burrell Craftsteak New York, NY
6 EV206 Snack Attack Donut Muffin Candace Nelson Downtown Bakery Healdsburg, CA
6 EV206 Snack Attack Fish Tacos Curtis Stone Paia Fish Market Paia, HI
6 EV206 Snack Attack Short Rib Tacos Adam Gertler Kogi BBQ Los Angeles, CA
6 EV206 Snack Attack Shrimp and Heirloom Tomato Pizzette Art Smith Socca Chicago, IL
6 EV206 Snack Attack Lamb Skewers Alex Guarnaschelli A.O.C. Los Angeles, CA
6 EV206 Snack Attack Bar Nuts Giada De Laurentiis Union Square Cafe New York, NY
7 EV207 Chocolate Chocolate Pudding Alton Brown Hominy Grill Charleston, SC
7 EV207 Chocolate Chocolate Souffle Alex Guarnaschelli Etats-Unis (Closed) New York, NY
7 EV207 Chocolate S'More Pie Tyler Florence Buckeye Roadhouse Mill Valley, CA
7 EV207 Chocolate Enchiladas de Mole Poblano con Pollo (Chicken Mole) Duff Goldman Loteria Grill Los Angeles, CA
7 EV207 Chocolate Creme Brulee Chocolate Claire Robinson Kee's Chocolates New York, NY
7 EV207 Chocolate Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies Rocco DiSpirito Levain Bakery New York, NY
7 EV207 Chocolate White Chocolate Flan Art Smith May Street Bakery Chicago, IL
7 EV207 Chocolate Chocolate Tasting Menu Aarón Sánchez Jean Georges New York, NY
8 EV208 Crunchy Onion Rings Duff Goldman Akasha Culver City, CA
8 EV208 Crunchy Fried Chicken Michael Psilakis Blue Ribbon at Brooklyn Bowl Brooklyn, NY
8 EV208 Crunchy Indonesian Corn Fritters Brian Boitano E&O Trading Company San Francisco, CA
8 EV208 Crunchy Peach Raspberry Crumb Pie Alex Guarnaschelli Beach Bakery Cafe Westhampton Beach, NY
8 EV208 Crunchy Egg Rolls Claire Robinson Chinatown Brasserie New York, NY
8 EV208 Crunchy Caramel Corn Candace Nelson Arclight Cinemas Los Angeles, CA
8 EV208 Crunchy Black Bass Ted Allen Le Bernardin New York, NY
8 EV208 Crunchy Flo's Fried Clam Roll Chris Cosentino Flo's Clam Shack Middletown, Rhode Island
8 EV208 Crunchy Fresh Fish and Chips Beau MacMillan Flo's Clam Shack Middletown, Rhode Island
9 EV209 The Classics Chicken Pot Pie Giada De Laurentiis WoodSpoon Los Angeles
9 EV209 The Classics Banana Cupcakes Ted Allen Butter Lane New York, NY
9 EV209 The Classics Mashed Potatoes Robert Irvine Parc Philadelphia, PA
9 EV209 The Classics Chili Dog Marc Summers Carneys Los Angeles, CA
9 EV209 The Classics Blackened Louisiana Drum Aarón Sánchez K-Paul's Louisiana Kitchen New Orleans, LA
9 EV209 The Classics Meatloaf Ina Garten The 1770 House East Hampton, NY
9 EV209 The Classics Prime Rib Brian Boitano House of Prime Rib San Francisco, CA
9 EV209 The Classics Veal Parmigiano Emeril Lagasse Il Vagabondo New York, NY
10 EV210 Guilty Pleasures Gravy Frites Michael Symon The Greenhouse Tavern Cleveland, OH
10 EV210 Guilty Pleasures Bread Pudding Sunny Anderson Mother's Restaurant New Orleans, LA
10 EV210 Guilty Pleasures Clam Chowdah Beau MacMillan Cabby Shack Plymouth, MA
10 EV210 Guilty Pleasures Strip House Chocolate Cake Michael Psilakis Strip House Steak House New York, NY
10 EV210 Guilty Pleasures Quiche Lorraine Donatella Arpaia Bouchon Bakery New York, NY
10 EV210 Guilty Pleasures Surf and Turf Claire Robinson Restaurant Iris Memphis, Tennessee
10 EV210 Guilty Pleasures Bar B Q Pizza Lisa Lillien Pete and Sam's Restaurant Memphis, Tennessee
10 EV210 Guilty Pleasures Baltimore Bomb Pie Duff Goldman Dangerously Delicious Pies Baltimore, MD
11 EV211 Hot and Spicy Hot and Spicy Crab Tyler Florence Penang Garden San Francisco
11 EV211 Hot and Spicy Jambalaya Pasta Pat Neely and Gina Neely Raz'z Bar and Grill Nashville, Tennessee
11 EV211 Hot and Spicy Queen City Cayenne Ice Cream Ryan D'Agostino Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams Columbus, Ohio
11 EV211 Hot and Spicy Crying Tiger Pork Curtis Stone Jitlada Los Angeles
11 EV211 Hot and Spicy Shrimp and Swordfish Curry Ina Garten Loaves & Fishes Sagaponack, New York
11 EV211 Hot and Spicy Rice Noodles with Hominy, Kimchi, and Spicy Pork Broth Art Smith Urban Belly Chicago
11 EV211 Hot and Spicy Shrimp Cocktail Ray Lampe St. Elmo's Steak House Indianapolis, IN
11 EV211 Hot and Spicy Mircha Ka Salan Ted Allen Devi New York, NY
12 EV212 Totally Unexpected Sage and Bleu Cheese Guacamole Michael Symon Lopez Southwestern Kitchen Cleveland, Ohio
12 EV212 Totally Unexpected Deep Fried Candy Bar Sunny Anderson A Salt & Battery New York, NY
12 EV212 Totally Unexpected Eggs Rose Cat Cora D'Angelo Bread Santa Barbara, California
12 EV212 Totally Unexpected Prosciutto Ice Cream Chris Cosentino Humphry Slocombe San Francisco, CA
12 EV212 Totally Unexpected Liverwurst Michael Psilakis The Modern New York, NY
12 EV212 Totally Unexpected Soutzoukakia Aaron McCargo Jr. Evvia Estiatorio Palo Alto, California
12 EV212 Totally Unexpected Glazed Eel Claire Robinson The Monday Room New York, NY
12 EV212 Totally Unexpected Fried Black-Eyed Peas Alton Brown Relish Roswell, Georgia
13 EV213 Chilled Perfection SRG Eskimo Bars Giada De Laurentiis Snake River Grill Jackson Hole, WY
13 EV213 Chilled Perfection Liliko'i Creme Brulee Marc Summers Mama's Fish House Paia, HI
13 EV213 Chilled Perfection Lemon Ice Box Pie Cat Cora Crystal Grill Greenwood, MS
13 EV213 Chilled Perfection Fire and Ice Ceviche Curtis Stone Ola @ The Sanctuary Hotel Miami Beach, FL
13 EV213 Chilled Perfection Ice Cream Sandwich Donatella Arpaia Piatianni Ristorante Brooklyn, NY
13 EV213 Chilled Perfection Egg Salad Sandwich Adam Gertler Euro Pane Pasadena, CA
13 EV213 Chilled Perfection Fluent in French Toast Rice Pudding Lisa Lillien Rice to Riches New York, NY
13 EV213 Chilled Perfection Lobster Roll Duff Goldman PJ's Family Restaurant Wellfleet, MA
Episode Show Number Topic Item Chef/Host Restaurant Location
1 EV301 Grilled Mongolian Pork Chop Bobby Flay Mustard's Grill Napa, CA
1 EV301 Grilled Grilled Oysters Adam Gertler Drago's Seafood Restaurant Metairie, LA
1 EV301 Grilled Australian Lamb Chops Ted Allen Rathbun's Atlanta, GA
1 EV301 Grilled Tomahawk Chop Duff Goldman Lonesome Dove Western Bistro Fort Worth, TX
1 EV301 Grilled Grilled Filet of Beef with Crusted Coffee Adobado Michael Chiarello RDG Grill + Bar Annie Houston, TX
1 EV301 Grilled Korean BBQ Beef Short Ribs Beau MacMillan Chosun Galbee Los Angeles, CA
1 EV301 Grilled Grilled Diver Scallops Cat Cora The Ranch House Ojai, California
1 EV301 Grilled Pork Rib Tips Guy Fieri Tom's Bar B Q & Deli Memphis, Tennessee
2 EV302 Simply Irresistible Sticky Buns Bobby Flay Flour Bakery & Cafe Boston, Massachusetts
2 EV302 Simply Irresistible Spicy Sweet Potato Fries Cat Cora Beano's Cabin Avon, CO
2 EV302 Simply Irresistible Grilled Cheese with Short Ribs Adam Gertler The Foundry on Melrose Los Angeles, CA
2 EV302 Simply Irresistible Toro Tartare Duff Goldman Morimoto New York, NY
2 EV302 Simply Irresistible Boudin Sausage Chris Cosentino Cochon Butcher New Orleans, LA
2 EV302 Simply Irresistible Whole Roasted Chicken Alex Guarnaschelli Craigie on Main Cambridge, MA
2 EV302 Simply Irresistible Red Wattle Country Chop Frank Bruni Vinegar Hill House Brooklyn, NY
2 EV302 Simply Irresistible Crab Cioppino Guy Fieri Duarte's Tavern Pescadero, CA
3 EV303 Regional Favorites Pierogi Michael Symon Sokolowski's Cleveland, OH
3 EV303 Regional Favorites Shrimp Po Boy Alex Guarnaschelli Domilise's Restaurant New Orleans, LA
3 EV303 Regional Favorites Boston Cream Pie Beau MacMillan Omni Parker House Boston, MA
3 EV303 Regional Favorites Pimento Cheese with Flatbread Tyler Florence Magnolias Charleston, SC
3 EV303 Regional Favorites Cheesesteak Marc Summers Tony Luke's Philadelphia, PA
3 EV303 Regional Favorites Shore Dinner Michael Psilakis Young's Lobster Pound Belfast, ME
3 EV303 Regional Favorites Musubi Aida Mollenkamp Mana Bu's Honolulu, HI
3 EV303 Regional Favorites Hot Wieners Guy Fieri Olneyville NY System Providence, RI
4 EV304 Sweet Tooth Concrete (Frozen Custard) Bobby Flay Ted Drewes Saint Louis, Missouri
4 EV304 Sweet Tooth PB&J Doughnut Pat Neely and Gina Neely Doughnut Plant New York, NY
4 EV304 Sweet Tooth Passion Fruit Trifle Robert Irvine Atlantic Seafood Company Alpharetta, Georgia
4 EV304 Sweet Tooth Vanilla Cream Meringue Cake (Meringata Alla Crema) Claire Robinson Cipriani New York, NY
4 EV304 Sweet Tooth Nutella Crepe with Strawberry and Banana Beau MacMillan FlipHappy Crepes Austin, Texas
4 EV304 Sweet Tooth Sant Ambroeus (Chocolate Mousse Cake) Rocco DiSpirito Sant Ambroeus New York, NY
4 EV304 Sweet Tooth Double Pain Au Chocolat David Myers Tartine Bakery San Francisco
4 EV304 Sweet Tooth Popcorn and Peanuts Michael Symon Michael's Genuine Miami, Florida
4 EV304 Sweet Tooth Tangerine Creamsicle/Homemade Poptarts Scott Conant Michael's Genuine Miami, Florida
4 EV304 Sweet Tooth Homemade Poptarts Frank Bruni Michael's Genuine Miami, FL
5 EV305 Burgers Cheeseburger Bobby Flay J.G. Melon New York, NY
5 EV305 Burgers Buffalo Style Burger Crunchified Claire Robinson Bobby's Burger Palace Paramus, NJ
5 EV305 Burgers Cricket Burger with Green Chili Aarón Sánchez The Cherry Cricket Denver, CO
5 EV305 Burgers Phat Burger with Bacon and Cheese Tyler Florence Pearl's Phat Burgers Mill Valley, California
5 EV305 Burgers Double Cheeseburger Anne Burrell Holeman & Finch Public House Atlanta, Georgia
5 EV305 Burgers Chargrilled Lamb Burger Frank Bruni The Breslin New York, NY
5 EV305 Burgers The Original Burger Geoffrey Zakarian Louis' Lunch New Haven, CT
5 EV305 Burgers Farmhouse Veggie Burger Duff Goldman Farm Cafe Portland, OR
6 EV306 Appetizers Lasagnette con Ragu di Crostacei Bobby Flay Bartolotta Las Vegas, NV
6 EV306 Appetizers French Onion Soup Dumplings Claire Robinson The Stanton Social (Closed) New York, NY
6 EV306 Appetizers Shrimp and Alligator Sausage Cheesecake Adam Gertler Jacques-Imo's Café New Orleans, LA
6 EV306 Appetizers Popovers Tyler Florence BLT Steak New York, NY
6 EV306 Appetizers Egg Yolk Carpaccio Scott Conant Sra. Martinez Miami, FL
6 EV306 Appetizers Hot Potato Cold Potato Ted Allen Alinea Chicago, IL
6 EV306 Appetizers Calamari Melissa d'Arabian Purple Café and Wine Bar Kirkland, WA
6 EV306 Appetizers Burgundy Snails Duff Goldman Charleston Baltimore, MD
7 EV307 In a Bowl Hand Pulled Noodles with Beef Guy Fieri Tasty Hand-Pulled Noodle New York, NY
7 EV307 In a Bowl Chorizo-Stuffed Dates Chris Cosentino Avec Chicago, IL
7 EV307 In a Bowl Potato Gnocchi with Blue Crab and Périgord Truffle Aarón Sánchez Restaurant August New Orleans, LA
7 EV307 In a Bowl Tiramisu a la Mexicana Robert Irvine Lolita Philadelphia, PA
7 EV307 In a Bowl Ukrainian Borscht Ted Allen Veselka New York, NY
7 EV307 In a Bowl Organic Granola with Fruit and Straus Organic Yogurt Tyler Florence Cafe Fanny Berkeley, California
7 EV307 In a Bowl Mushroom Miso Soup Alex Guarnaschelli Miyake Restaurant Portland, Maine
7 EV307 In a Bowl Chili Sunny Anderson Real Chili Milwaukee, WI
7 EV307 In a Bowl Chili Duff Goldman National Coney Island Detroit, Michigan
8 EV308 Hidden Treasures Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup Tyler Florence Muir Woods Trading Company Cafe Mill Valley, California
8 EV308 Hidden Treasures Lau Lau Sunny Anderson Kaaloa's Super J's Captain Cook, Hawaii
8 EV308 Hidden Treasures Falafel Omelet Hoagie Robert Irvine A&M Halal Philadelphia, PA
8 EV308 Hidden Treasures Sizzling Bacon Michael Psilakis Peter Luger Steak House Brooklyn, NY
8 EV308 Hidden Treasures Paris Texas Tacos Adam Gertler Good To Go Tacos Dallas, TX
8 EV308 Hidden Treasures Burger Cat Cora The Hitching Post II Buellton, California
8 EV308 Hidden Treasures Kalamata Beau MacMillan Queen Creek Olive Mill Queen Creek, Arizona
8 EV308 Hidden Treasures Fried Chicken Ted Allen Table 52 Chicago
9 EV309 Sauced Spaghetti Ted Allen Scarpetta New York, NY
9 EV309 Sauced Sticky Toffee Pudding with Bourbon Ice Cream Claire Robinson Colt and Gray Denver, CO
9 EV309 Sauced Hanger Steak with Agrodolce Sauce Alex Guarnaschelli FIG Charleston, SC
9 EV309 Sauced Rib Tips Aarón Sánchez Daddy D'z BBQ Joynt Atlanta, GA
9 EV309 Sauced Comeback Sauce Cat Cora Mayflower Cafe Jackson, MS
9 EV309 Sauced Linguini with Clams Michael Psilakis Don Pepe's Vesuvio Ozone Park, NY
9 EV309 Sauced Duck in Red Peanut Mole Sauce Michael Chiarello Topolobampo Chicago, IL
9 EV309 Sauced Fish with Tamarind Sauce Duff Goldman Ambassador Dining Room Baltimore, MD
10 EV310 With Fruit Green Papaya Salad Chris Cosentino Out The Door San Francisco, CA
10 EV310 With Fruit Apple Strudel Aida Mollenkamp Schmidt's San Francisco
10 EV310 With Fruit Candied Orange Peel/Chocolate Pat Neely and Gina Neely Cristina's Restaurant Ketchum, Idaho
10 EV310 With Fruit Poco Carretto Fruit Sorbet Melissa d'Arabian Cafe Juanita Kirkland, Washington
10 EV310 With Fruit Bananas Foster Cake Jeff Henderson Bradley Ogden Las Vegas, NV
10 EV310 With Fruit Guava Pastries Aarón Sánchez Versailles Miami, FL
10 EV310 With Fruit Fried Pineapple-Wrapped Speck Michael Chiarello Frasca Boulder, Colorado
10 EV310 With Fruit Duck Breast with Fruit Compote Ted Allen Locanda Vini & Olli Brooklyn, NY
11 EV311 Sliced Colatura Di Alici Pizza Rachael Ray Motorino Brooklyn, NY
11 EV311 Sliced Olallieberry Pie Marc Summers Linn's of Cambria Cambria, CA
11 EV311 Sliced Gyro with Feta Cream Sauce Cat Cora Keifers Restaurant Jackson, MS
11 EV311 Sliced BLT Salad with Fried Green Tomatoes Aarón Sánchez The Olde Pink House Savannah, Georgia
11 EV311 Sliced Gaspe Nove Michael Psilakis Russ & Daughters New York, NY
11 EV311 Sliced Smetannik (Sour Cream Cake) Alex Guarnaschelli Bakery La Brioche Cafe New York, NY
11 EV311 Sliced Grilled Mushroom Stack Frank Bruni O-Ya Restaurant Boston, Massachusetts
11 EV311 Sliced Charcuterie de la Maison Duff Goldman Church & State Los Angeles
12 EV312 Last Supper Chef's Pasta Tasting Menu Michael Symon Vetri Ristorante Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
12 EV312 Last Supper Oysters and Pearls Cat Cora French Laundry Yountville, California
12 EV312 Last Supper Lobster Tail & Sfogliatella Alex Guarnaschelli Ferrara Bakery New York, NY
12 EV312 Last Supper Pressed Duck (Discontinued) Ted Allen Daniel NYC New York, NY
12 EV312 Last Supper Chopped Pork BBQ Sandwich Claire Robinson Paynes BBQ Memphis, TN
12 EV312 Last Supper Pizza Rocco DiSpirito Umberto's of New Hyde Park New Hyde Park, New York
12 EV312 Last Supper Pan-Fried Chicken Simon Majumdar Stroud's Restaurant & Bar Fairway, Kansas
13 EV313 Best Thing I Ever Drank Lime Fizz Michael Symon Velvet Tango Room Cleveland, Ohio
13 EV313 Best Thing I Ever Drank Grapefruit Margarita Claire Robinson Barrio Chino New York, NY
13 EV313 Best Thing I Ever Drank Lobster Scallion Shooters Melissa d'Arabian Abacus Dallas, Texas
13 EV313 Best Thing I Ever Drank Irish Coffee Tyler Florence The Buena Vista Cafe San Francisco
13 EV313 Best Thing I Ever Drank Kyoto Ice Coffee Chris Cosentino Blue Bottle Coffee Company Oakland, California
13 EV313 Best Thing I Ever Drank Gin Blossom Ted Allen Clover Club Brooklyn, NY
13 EV313 Best Thing I Ever Drank Herbaceous Mojito Anne Burrell Daddy O's Bar New York, NY
13 EV313 Best Thing I Ever Drank Chocolate Soda Marc Summers The Franklin Fountain Ice Cream Philadelphia, PA
13 EV313 Best Thing I Ever Drank Egyptian Egg Soda Duff Goldman The Franklin Fountain Ice Cream Philadelphia, PA
Episode Show Number Topic Item Chef/Host Restaurant Location
1 EV0401 Close to Home Harvest Pizza Rachael Ray The Harvest Queensbury, NY
1 EV0401 Close to Home Char Dog Ted Allen The Wiener's Circle Chicago, IL
1 EV0401 Close to Home Beef Machaca Aarón Sánchez Kiki's Mexican Restaurant El Paso, Texas
1 EV0401 Close to Home Whole Branzino Roasted in Sea Salt Wolfgang Puck Angelini Osteria Los Angeles
1 EV0401 Close to Home Coconut Layer Cake Anne Burrell Smith & Wollensky New York, NY
1 EV0401 Close to Home Peppered Beef Sandwich Marc Summers Shapiro's Deli Indianapolis, Indiana
1 EV0401 Close to Home English Muffins Michael Chiarello Model Bakery St. Helena, California
1 EV0401 Close to Home French Onion Soup Guy Fieri Cricklewood Santa Rosa, California
2 EV0402 Bang for the Buck French Dipped Sandwiches Wolfgang Puck Philippe, The Original Los Angeles
2 EV0402 Bang for the Buck $6 Breakfast Happy Hour (Cured Pork Cheeks Confit Hash) Melissa d'Arabian Toulouse Petit Seattle, Washington
2 EV0402 Bang for the Buck $15 Chef's Tasting Menu (Four Courses) Chris Cosentino Mr. Pollo San Francisco
2 EV0402 Bang for the Buck $15 Steak Dinner (Monday Night Special) Pat Neely & Gina Neely The Butcher Shop Steak House Memphis, Tennessee
2 EV0402 Bang for the Buck The Gambler's Special Eric Greenspan Mr. Lucky's 24/7 Las Vegas, Nevada
2 EV0402 Bang for the Buck Sticky Buns Beau MacMillan El Chorro Lodge Paradise Valley, Arizona
2 EV0402 Bang for the Buck Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches Troy Johnson Donovan's Steak & Chop House San Diego, California
2 EV0402 Bang for the Buck Bibim-Bop Alton Brown Hankook Taqueria Atlanta, Georgia
3 EV0403 Nutty White Chocolate Pretzel Peanut Spread Tyler Florence Spread (Closed) San Diego, California
3 EV0403 Nutty Knafeh Sunny Anderson Tanoreen Brooklyn, New York
3 EV0403 Nutty Marzipan Ted Allen Swedish Bakery Chicago, IL
3 EV0403 Nutty Boston Bibb & Mache Salad Duff Goldman Figs Charlestown, MA
3 EV0403 Nutty Dark Chocolate Dixies Alex Guarnaschelli Richardson' Candy Kitchen Deerfield, Massachusetts
3 EV0403 Nutty Aji De Gallina Giada De Laurentiis Mo-Chica Los Angeles
3 EV0403 Nutty Butter Pecan Ice Cream Michael Psilakis Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory Brooklyn, New York
3 EV0403 Nutty Coffee Macaron Wolfgang Puck Payard Patisserie Las Vegas, NV
4 EV0404 At a Deli Brisket Duff Goldman Edmart Deli Pikesville, MD
4 EV0404 At a Deli Noodle Kugel Ted Allen Manny's Cafeteria and Delicatessen Chicago, IL
4 EV0404 At a Deli Jimmy's Favorite Claire Robinson Jimmy & Drew's Boulder, Colorado
4 EV0404 At a Deli Corned Beef Sandwich Marc Summers Brent's Deli Northridge, California
4 EV0404 At a Deli Junk Yard Special Adam Gertler Sarcone's Deli Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
4 EV0404 At a Deli Everything Bagel Rocco DiSpirito Tal Bagels New York, NY
4 EV0404 At a Deli Beef on Weck Geoffrey Zakarian Charlie the Butcher's Kitchen Williamsville, NY
4 EV0404 At a Deli Chopped Herring Salad Sandwich Alton Brown Barney Greengrass New York, NY
5 EV0405 Under Wraps Crepes Alton Brown Creperie Beau Monde Philadelphia, PA
5 EV0405 Under Wraps Bacon Wrapped Lamb Chops Rocco DiSpirito Employees Only New York, NY
5 EV0405 Under Wraps Agnolotti Sunny Anderson Veni Vidi Vici Atlanta, Georgia
5 EV0405 Under Wraps Basteeya Chris Cosentino Aziza San Francisco
5 EV0405 Under Wraps Ripienone Calzone Scott Conant Fratelli La Bufala Miami, Florida
5 EV0405 Under Wraps Dolmades Yialantzi Alex Guarnaschelli Agnanti Restaurant Astoria, NY
5 EV0405 Under Wraps Squab with Lettuce Chuck Hughes Mr. Chow Miami, FL
5 EV0405 Under Wraps Chicken Tamales Duff Goldman Dorothy's Homemade Tamales Hartsel, CO
6 EV0406 Cake Walk Southern Red Velvet Cake Ted Allen Cake Man Raven Brooklyn, New York
6 EV0406 Cake Walk Mondrian Cake Chris Cosentino Blue Bottle Coffee at the SFMOMA Rooftop Sculpture Garden San Francisco
6 EV0406 Cake Walk Hoecakes Tyler Florence The Lady & Sons Savannah, Georgia
6 EV0406 Cake Walk Flourless Chocolate Cake Aarón Sánchez Cake Flour Louisville, KY
6 EV0406 Cake Walk Carmel Pecan Pound Cake Pat Neely & Gina Neely Chambers Cakes & Cookies Kansas City, Missouri
6 EV0406 Cake Walk Dulce De Leche Cake Marcela Valladolid Extraordinary Desserts San Diego, California
6 EV0406 Cake Walk Whoopie Pie Chuck Hughes Two Fat Cats Bakery Portland, Maine
7 EV0407 With Chopsticks Drunken Noodles with Chicken Giada De Laurentiis Wazuzu Las Vegas, Nevada
7 EV0407 With Chopsticks A&M Crispy Beef Duff Goldman Cafe Zen Baltimore, Maryland
7 EV0407 With Chopsticks Crispy Calamari Salad Anne Burrell The Continental Philadelphia, PA
7 EV0407 With Chopsticks Akamaru Modern Ramen Claire Robinson Ippudo New York, NY
7 EV0407 With Chopsticks Tempura Alaskan King Crab Beau MacMillan Yellowtail Las Vegas, Nevada
7 EV0407 With Chopsticks Slippery Shrimp Adam Gertler Yang Chow Los Angeles
7 EV0407 With Chopsticks Crispy Lamb Filets with Chili Cumin Frank Bruni Szechuan Gourmet New York, NY
7 EV0407 With Chopsticks Mock Eel Alton Brown A Single Pebble Burlington, VT
8 EV0408 That I'm Thankful For Pulled Turkey Sandwich Claire Robinson Hog Heaven Nashville, Tennessee
8 EV0408 That I'm Thankful For Sweet Potato Cheesecake Jeff Henderson Harriet's Cheesecakes Inglewood, California
8 EV0408 That I'm Thankful For Cranberry Preserves Pat Neely & Gina Neely Three Square Grill Portland, Oregon
8 EV0408 That I'm Thankful For Three-Course Turkey Dinner Michael Psilakis Gotham Bar and Grill New York, NY
8 EV0408 That I'm Thankful For Turkey Terrific Sandwich Alex Guarnaschelli Provisions Nantucket, Massachusetts
8 EV0408 That I'm Thankful For Mandoo Vegetable Dumplings Cat Cora Susan Feniger's Street Los Angeles
8 EV0408 That I'm Thankful For Smashing Pumpkin Martini Troy Johnson Grant Grill San Diego, California
8 EV0408 That I'm Thankful For Victoria Sandwich Cake Robert Irvine Tea & Sympathy New York, NY
9 EV0409 Crazy Good White Truffle Tagliatelle Wolfgang Puck Valentino Santa Monica, California
9 EV0409 Crazy Good Pizza with Mushrooms & Garlic Sunny Anderson Di Fara Pizza Brooklyn, New York
9 EV0409 Crazy Good Maple Budino Frank Bruni Locanda Verde New York, NY
9 EV0409 Crazy Good Banana Special Duff Goldman Fentons Creamery Oakland, California
9 EV0409 Crazy Good Pot Roast Rocco DiSpirito Jar Los Angeles
9 EV0409 Crazy Good Marin Joe's Special: Hamburger, Spinach & Egg Tyler Florence Marin Joe's Corte Madera, California
9 EV0409 Crazy Good Roast Duck Simon Majumdar Upperline Restaurant New Orleans, Louisiana
9 EV0409 Crazy Good Matterhorn Cake Giada De Laurentiis Sweet Surrender Bakersfield, California
10 EV0410 With Garlic Plague Bringer Burger Adam Gertler Kuma's Corner Chicago, Illinois
10 EV0410 With Garlic Spaghetti with Roasted Garlic Sauce Melissa d'Arabian Bove's Cafe Burlington, VT
10 EV0410 With Garlic Garlic Bread Alex Guarnaschelli Rosarios Ristorante Boca Raton, FL
10 EV0410 With Garlic Garlic Soup Simon Majumdar Bayona New Orleans, LA
10 EV0410 With Garlic Knoblewurst Michael Psilakis Katz's Deli New York, NY
10 EV0410 With Garlic Garlic Shrimp Rocco DiSpirito Schiller's Liquor Bar New York, NY
10 EV0410 With Garlic Garlic Naan Eric Greenspan Al-Noor Lawndale, California
10 EV0410 With Garlic Half Chicken with Garlic Sauce Duff Goldman Zankou Chicken Los Angeles
11 EV0411 I Ever Made For The Holidays Multiple Recipes By Hosts No restaurants No locations
12 EV0412 On A Stick Mexican Grilled Corn Tyler Florence Cafe Habana New York, NY
12 EV0412 On A Stick Lollipop Trio Adam Gertler Stefan's at L.A. Farm Santa Monica, California
12 EV0412 On A Stick Corn Dog (Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day only) Claire Robinson Shake Shack Miami, Florida
Episode Show Number Topic Item Chef/Host Restaurant Location
1 EV0501 Combos Biscuits and Gravy Michael Simon Lucky's Cafe Cleveland, OH
1 EV0501 Combos Spaghetti and Meatballs (Sunday Only) Anne Burrell Extra Virgin New York, NY
1 EV0501 Combos Corned Beef and Cabbage Adam Gertler Franklin Cafe Boston, MA
1 EV0501 Combos Pastrami Reuben and Chicken Noodle Soup Ted Allen Katzinger's Delicatessen Columbus, OH
1 EV0501 Combos Beer-Battered Fish and Chips Marc Summers The Dandelion Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1 EV0501 Combos Chicken and Waffles Duff Goldman Roscoe's House of Chicken 'N Waffles Los Angeles
1 EV0501 Combos Watermelon Pickle and Crispy Pork Roger Mooking Fatty Crab (Closed) New York, NY
1 EV0501 Combos Sugar on Snow Alton Brown Bragg Family Farm East Montpelier, VT
2 EV0502 Fried Chicken Fried Chicken Alton Brown The Old Country Store Lorman, MS
2 EV0502 Fried Chicken Fried Chicken Claire Robinson Gus's World Famous Hot & Spicy Fried Chicken Mason, Tennessee
2 EV0502 Fried Chicken Golden Brown Southern Fried Chicken Beau MacMillan Mrs. White's Golden Rule Cafe Phoenix, Arizona
2 EV0502 Fried Chicken Fried Chicken Melissa D'Arabian Babe's Chicken Dinner House Roanoke, Texas
2 EV0502 Fried Chicken Fried Chicken Robert Irvine Ms. Tootsies Soul Food Cafe Philadelphia, PA
2 EV0502 Fried Chicken Mama Els' Fried Chicken Scott Conant Hill Country Chicken New York, NY
2 EV0502 Fried Chicken Fried Chicken Roger Mooking The Wilkes House Savannah, Georgia
2 EV0502 Fried Chicken Coconut Fried Chicken Michael Simon Cha Cha Chicken Santa Monica, California
3 EV0503 Smoky Baby Back Ribs 17th Street Bar & Grill Marion, Illinois
3 EV0503 Smoky Sakura Smoked Hamachi Sashimi Oishi Boston Boston, MA
3 EV0503 Smoky Big Pork Chop Reef Houston, TX
3 EV0503 Smoky Smoked Mutz (Mozzarella) Hero Vito's Italian Deli Hoboken, NJ
3 EV0503 Smoky Smoked Bar-B-Q Turkey Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q Decatur, AL
3 EV0503 Smoky Tea Smoked Oysters Desnuda New York, NY
3 EV0503 Smoky Smoky Bacon Cornbread Husk Restaurant Charleston, SC
3 EV0503 Smoky Smoked Mullet Fish Dinner Ted Peters Famous Smoked Fish, Inc. South Pasadena, FL
4 EV0504 Better Than Mine Pollo Al Forno (Roasted Chicken) Barbuto New York, NY
4 EV0504 Better Than Mine Red Velvet Waffle The Waffle Los Angeles
4 EV0504 Better Than Mine Steak Dunigan The Pink Adobe Santa Fe, New Mexico
4 EV0504 Better Than Mine Sliced Fish Szechuan Style Gourmet Dumpling House Boston, Massachusetts
4 EV0504 Better Than Mine Samosas Samosa House Los Angeles
4 EV0504 Better Than Mine Fromage Blanc Island "Cheesecake" Chikalicious Dessert Bar New York, NY
4 EV0504 Better Than Mine Arozz A Banda Con Gambas Paella Jaleo Washington, DC
4 EV0504 Better Than Mine Tres Leche Cake Kuba Kuba Richmond, VA
5 EV0505 Las Vegas Tiger Shrimp Roasted Garlic Corn Tamales Mesa Grill (Caesars Palace) Las Vegas, NV
5 EV0505 Las Vegas Catfish Sloppy Joe (lunchtime only) RM Seafood (Mandalay Bay) Las Vegas, NV
5 EV0505 Las Vegas Chile Rubbed Double Rib Eye SW Steakhouse (Wynn) Las Vegas, NV
5 EV0505 Las Vegas Chicken Scarpariello Rao's (Caesars Palace) Las Vegas, NV
5 EV0505 Las Vegas Twenty-Vegetable Fried Rice The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, NV
5 EV0505 Las Vegas Nam Prik Ong Lotus Of Siam Las Vegas, NV
5 EV0505 Las Vegas Satay Of Chilean Sea Bass Tao Asian Bistro (The Venetian) Las Vegas, NV
5 EV0505 Las Vegas La Langoustine L'Atelier de Joel Robouchon Las Vegas, Nevada
6 EV0506 Road Trip Tater Tots Grill 'Em All Truck Los Angeles
6 EV0506 Road Trip Gyro Steve's Gyros Cleveland, Ohio
6 EV0506 Road Trip Lobster Mashed Potatoes Prime 44 West At The Greenbrier White Sulphur Springs, WV
6 EV0506 Road Trip Ahi Wrap Kilauea Fish Market Kauai, HI
6 EV0506 Road Trip Pizza Pot Pie Chicago Pizza & Oven Grinder Co. Chicago, IL
6 EV0506 Road Trip Barbequed Chicken Churrascaria Novo Mundo New Bedford, MA
6 EV0506 Road Trip Salvadoran Burrito Bueno Y Sano Amherst, MA
6 EV0506 Road Trip Roasted Van Vooren Ranch Pheasant Fearing's Restaurant Dallas, TX
7 EV0507 Old School Oysters Rockefeller Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant New York, NY
7 EV0507 Old School Jean Leon Original Chopped Salad La Scala Beverly Hills, California
7 EV0507 Old School Mo-Fo Burger Ray's Place Kent, Ohio
7 EV0507 Old School Sand Dab Filets (fish) Tadich Grill San Francisco, California
7 EV0507 Old School Souffle Potatoes (Pommes Souffle) Galatoire's New Orleans, Louisiana
7 EV0507 Old School West Indies Pepperpot Soup City Tavern Philadelphia, PA
7 EV0507 Old School Queso Flameado The Original Ninfa's on Navigation Houston, TX
7 EV0507 Old School 22 Ounce Strip Sirloin Bern's Steak House Tampa, FL
7 EV0507 Old School Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffle Bern's Steak House Tampa, Florida
8 EV0508 Ice Creamy Toffee Banofi Sundae Sweet Republic Ice Cream Scottsdale, Arizona
8 EV0508 Ice Creamy Torta Gelato with Chocolate and Pistachio Bulgarini Gelato Altadena, California
8 EV0508 Ice Creamy Gibson Girl Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour and Restaurant (Closed) Mission Viejo, California
8 EV0508 Ice Creamy Hot Fudge Sundae Ice Cream Smuggler Dennis, MA
8 EV0508 Ice Creamy Pecan Ball Cafe Pacific Dallas, TX
8 EV0508 Ice Creamy Chocolate & Peanut Butter Smores w/ Vanilla Ice Cream Prime One Twelve Miami, FL
8 EV0508 Ice Creamy Bourbon Apples Cranberry Miso Marcona Almond Maple Fat Gelato Girl & The Goat Chicago, IL
8 EV0508 Ice Creamy Ice Cream Sandwich Jacques Torres Chocolate Brooklyn, NY
9 EV0509 French Favorites Raclette Savoyarde Le Pichet Seattle, WA
9 EV0509 French Favorites Foie Gras Terrine with Marinated Figs Everest Chicago
9 EV0509 French Favorites Steak Frites Solbar Calistoga, California
9 EV0509 French Favorites Gratin de Macaroni Vin Rouge Durham, North Carolina
9 EV0509 French Favorites Braised Beef Shortribs Lucques Los Angeles
9 EV0509 French Favorites Azuki Cream Croissant Japonaise Boston, Massachusetts
9 EV0509 French Favorites Crawfish Etouffee Robin's Restaurant Henderson, Louisiana
9 EV0509 French Favorites Mille Crepes Cake Lady M Confections New York, NY
10 EV0510 Eggstraordinary Ultimate Steak & Egg Sliders Society Cafe at Encore Las Vegas, NV
10 EV0510 Eggstraordinary Lobster "Begula" Pasta Michel Richard Citronelle (Closed) Washington, DC
10 EV0510 Eggstraordinary Reuben Eggroll Mcguire's Irish Pub Pensacola, FL
10 EV0510 Eggstraordinary Truffled Egg Toast Cafe Ino (Closed) New York, NY
10 EV0510 Eggstraordinary Foot-hi Lemon Meringue Pie Blue Springs Cafe Highland, IL
10 EV0510 Eggstraordinary "Bacon and Eggs" Picholine New York, NY
10 EV0510 Eggstraordinary Huevos Barbacoa Con Chile D'arbol Salsa Cafe Pasqual's Santa Fe, New Mexico
10 EV0510 Eggstraordinary Strawberry Souffle Cafe Jacqueline San Francisco, California
11 EV0511 Finger Food Fried Pickle Chips Blue Ridge Grill Atlanta, Georgia
11 EV0511 Finger Food Ike's Vietnamese Fish Sauce Wings Pok Pok Portland, OR
11 EV0511 Finger Food Barbecue Potato Chips with Blue Cheese & Bacon Dip Blue Smoke New York, NY
11 EV0511 Finger Food Afternoon Tea The Adolphus Dallas, Texas
11 EV0511 Finger Food Dorowot Meals by Genet Los Angeles
11 EV0511 Finger Food Toasted Ravioli (order online) Mama Toscano's Ravioli St. Louis, Missouri
11 EV0511 Finger Food Gateway of India Pizza Bombay Pizza Co. Houston, Texas
11 EV0511 Finger Food Bacon Wrapped Matzoh Balls The Gorbals Los Angeles
12 EV0512 Street Food Escargot Puff Lollipop Spencer On The Go San Francisco, California
12 EV0512 Street Food Elk Jalapeño Cheddar Brat Biker Jim's Gourmet Dogs Denver, CO
12 EV0512 Street Food Malasadas with Haupia Filling Leonard's Malasadamobile Honolulu, HI
12 EV0512 Street Food Wafel of Massive Deliciousness Wafels & Dinges New York, NY
12 EV0512 Street Food Tortas Ahogadas El Gallito Chula Vista, California
12 EV0512 Street Food H-100's (Tater Tots) Grill 'Em All Los Angeles
12 EV0512 Street Food Pork Belly Slider Odd Duck Farm To Trailer Austin, TX
12 EV0512 Street Food The Salty Pimp Big Gay Ice Cream Truck New York, NY
13 EV0513 Childhood Favorites Cheese Pizza Mimi's Pizza & Restaurant New York, NY
13 EV0513 Childhood Favorites Fried Bologna Sandwich Andre's Lounge Toledo, Ohio
13 EV0513 Childhood Favorites Pineapple Upside Down Cupcake Citizen Cake San Francisco, California
13 EV0513 Childhood Favorites Cavatelli Bucci's Restaurant Berea, Ohio
13 EV0513 Childhood Favorites Soup and Kalua Pig Sandwich Alan Wong's Honolulu, HI
13 EV0513 Childhood Favorites Frito Pie Five & Dime Santa Fe, New Mexico
13 EV0513 Childhood Favorites Mussel Bisque Dobson's Bar & Restaurant San Diego, California
13 EV0513 Childhood Favorites Cotton Candy The Four Seasons New York, NY
Episode Show Number Topic Item Restaurant Location
1 EV0601 All American Bar-B-Q Chicken, Bar-B-Q King Drive-In Restaurant Charlotte, NC
1 EV0601 All American Hot Dog (w/ chunky peanut butter, sriracha hot sauce and "alien pickle relish") Happy Dog Cleveland, OH
1 EV0601 All American Cheesecake (New York-style) Junior's Restaurant Brooklyn, NY
1 EV0601 All American Salted Caramel Apple Pie Four & Twenty Blackbirds Brooklyn, NY
1 EV0601 All American Beef Wellington Chez Francois Vermilion, OH
1 EV0601 All American Carrot Cake Lloyd's Carrot Cake Bronx, NY
1 EV0601 All American Deep Fried Cheese Curds (beer-battered) The Old Fashioned Tavern Madison, WI
1 EV0601 All American Paradise Hot Brown Lynn's Paradise Cafe Louisville, KY
2 EV0602 New Orleans Beignets & Chicory Coffee Cafe Beignet New Orleans, LA
2 EV0602 New Orleans Gumbo Z'herbes Dooky Chase's Restaurant New Orleans, LA
2 EV0602 New Orleans Fried Catfish Dinner Deanie's Seafood Restaurant & Market New Orleans, LA
2 EV0602 New Orleans Muffaletta Johnny's Po-boys New Orleans, LA
2 EV0602 New Orleans Creole Bread Pudding Souffle (w/ whiskey cream sauce) Commander's Palace Restaurant New Orleans, LA
2 EV0602 New Orleans Pho Ga Pho Tau Bay Vietnamese Cuisine New Orleans, LA
2 EV0602 New Orleans Roman Candy Roman Candy Company (horse-drawn cart) New Orleans, LA
2 EV0602 New Orleans Emeril's Banana Cream Pie Emeril's Restaurant New Orleans, LA
3 EV0603 Messy Jake's Sloppy Slaw Burger The Red Eyed Mule Marietta, Georgia
3 EV0603 Messy Shrimp Boil The Boiling Crab Alhambra, California
3 EV0603 Messy Meatloaf Sandwich Rye Restaurant Brooklyn, New York
3 EV0603 Messy Crispy Pata (fried pork leg) Ruby's Fast Food Chicago, IL
3 EV0603 Messy The Godfather (lasagna grilled cheese sandwich) Melt Bar & Grilled Lakewood, OH
3 EV0603 Messy Asparagus Pistachio Olive Chutney Radicchio Rice Bowl Revel Restaurant Seattle, WA
3 EV0603 Messy Bread & Chocolate Berkshire Mountain Bakery Housatonic, Massachusetts
3 EV0603 Messy Backstabber Sandwich (chicken Caesar salad and artichoke hearts with dirty secret sauce) Ike's Place San Francisco, California
4 EV0604 As Good as Mom's Coq au vin (braised chicken in burgundy wine) La Poubelle Restaurant Los Angeles
4 EV0604 As Good as Mom's Coconut Macaroons Salty Tart Bakery (Midtown Global Market) Minneapolis, MN
4 EV0604 As Good as Mom's Chile Mecco Relleno Suenos (Closed) New York, NY
4 EV0604 As Good as Mom's Blueberry Blintzes B & H Dairy New York, NY
4 EV0604 As Good as Mom's Soondubu Jjigae (soft tofu stew) Cho Dang Gol Restaurant New York, NY
4 EV0604 As Good as Mom's Cavatelli Broccoli Rabe & Sausage Roc Restaurant (Relocated to Louisville, KY) New York, NY
4 EV0604 As Good as Mom's Spicy Chicken Pops (Indonesian/Malaysian chicken wings) Lukshon Culver City, California
4 EV0604 As Good as Mom's Kaiserschmarrn (Austrian pancake) Spago Beverly Hills, California
5 EV0605 Frightfully Good Buffalo-style Pig Tails Animal Los Angeles
5 EV0605 Frightfully Good Jumbo Pig Brain Sandwich Hilltop Inn Evansville, Indiana
5 EV0605 Frightfully Good Spicy & Tingly Lamb Face Salad Xi'an Famous Foods New York, NY
5 EV0605 Frightfully Good Rabbit Liver & Kidneys on Toast Feast Houston, TX
5 EV0605 Frightfully Good Vastedda (spleen sandwich) Ferdinando's Focacceria Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, NY
5 EV0605 Frightfully Good St. George Vert Absinthe Sage at Aria Las Vegas, NV
5 EV0605 Frightfully Good Venison Tartare Hotel Griffou New York, NY
5 EV0605 Frightfully Good Duck Tongue Tacos Extra Virgin Kansas City, MO
6 EV0606 Bird Is The Word Turducken Alpine Steak House and Karl Ehmers Quality Meats Sarasota, FL
6 EV0606 Bird Is The Word Peking Duck Buddakan New York, NY
6 EV0606 Bird Is The Word Crackling Beer Can Chicken A-Frame Los Angeles
6 EV0606 Bird Is The Word Tandoori Cornish Game Hen Snackbar Oxford, Mississippi
6 EV0606 Bird Is The Word Duck Rice Aldea New York, NY
6 EV0606 Bird Is The Word Chicken a la Plancha Dovetail New York, NY
6 EV0606 Bird Is The Word Flattened Lemon Chicken Oleana Cambridge, Massachusetts
7 EV0607 Season's Eatings Rose Petal Petit Fours Valerie Confections Los Angeles
7 EV0607 Season's Eatings Coconut Gold Bars Fran's Chocolates Seattle, Washington
7 EV0607 Season's Eatings Egg Nog Ronnybrook Farms Ancramdale, NY
7 EV0607 Season's Eatings Rum Cake Anthony's Pizza & Grille Altoona, PA
7 EV0607 Season's Eatings Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt Tart Lovin' Oven Frenchtown, NJ
7 EV0607 Season's Eatings Buche De Noel Pierre's Bridgehampton, NY
7 EV0607 Season's Eatings Fruit Cake Collin Street Bakery Corsicana, TX
7 EV0607 Season's Eatings Bacon of the Month Club Zingerman's Ann Arbor, MI

The original broadcast of The Best Thing I Ever Ate, Seasons 1–6, were on The Food Network from 2009 to 2011. [2] In 2018, the show switched to The Cooking Channel. [2] Season 7 did not have any new restaurants. Rather, episodes were based on cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York with the previous restaurants from those cities in each episode.

Starting with Season 8, episodes would consist of new restaurants and food items.

Episode Show Number Topic Item Chef/Host Restaurant Location
1 EV0801 Worth the Wait Beef Wellington Alton Brown Marcel Atlanta, GA
1 EV0801 Worth the Wait Brisket Ali Khan La Barbecue Austin, TX
1 EV0801 Worth the Wait Pasta Sugo Beau Macmillan Tratto Phoenix, AZ
1 EV0801 Worth the Wait Au Cheval Burger Geoffrey Zakarian Au Cheval Chicago, IL
1 EV0801 Worth the Wait Cinnamon Biscuit Jamika Pesson Callie's Hot Little Biscuit Charleston, SC
1 EV0801 Worth the Wait Chicken and Rice Roger Mooking Nong's Khao Man Gai Portland, OR
1 EV0801 Worth the Wait Hot Chicken Duff Goldman Howlin' Rays Los Angeles, CA
2 EV0802 Feats of Meat Rib Eye Cap Bobby Flay Salt & Char Saratoga Springs, NY
2 EV0802 Feats of Meat Chicharron Monti Carlo Broken Spanish Los Angeles, CA
2 EV0802 Feats of Meat Oxtail Carla Hall Cooks and Captains Brooklyn, NY
2 EV0802 Feats of Meat Never the Same Waygu Meatballs Justin Brunson The Backroom at Moody's Waltham, MA
2 EV0802 Feats of Meat Turkey Ribs Tregaye Fraser Tom, Dick, and Hank Atlanta, GA
2 EV0802 Feats of Meat Lamb Shoulder Molly Yeh Zahav Philadelphia, PA
2 EV0802 Feats of Meat Sausage Tasting Alexa Guarnaschelli Euclid Hall Denver, CO
3 EV0803 Life Changers Sourdough, Sauerkraut, Pecorino & Ricotta Pancakes Alton Brown State Bird Provisions San Francisco, CA
3 EV0803 Life Changers Original Tomato Pie Alex Guarnaschelli Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana New Haven, CT
3 EV0803 Life Changers Roasted Chicken Jeff Mauro Boka Chicago, IL
3 EV0803 Life Changers Corn Agnolotti Simon Majumdar The Annex Kitchen Fresno, CA
3 EV0803 Life Changers Catfish and Grits Fanny Slater PinPoint Wilmington, NC
3 EV0803 Life Changers Artichokes Barigoule Jonathon Sawyer Edwins Restaurant Cleveland, OH
3 EV0803 Life Changers Olowalu Lime Pie Duff Goldman Leoda's Kitchen and Pie Shop Maui, HI
4 EV0804 Picture Perfect Beets, Labanaeh, Honey & Roti Carla Hall Alliance Traverse City, MI
4 EV0804 Picture Perfect Roast Duck Flambe Eddie Jackson Beatrice Inn New York, NY
4 EV0804 Picture Perfect Sorrell Pesto Rice Bowl Monti Carlo Sqirl Los Angeles, CA
4 EV0804 Picture Perfect Fiori Di Zucca Antonia Lofaso Felix Venice, CA
4 EV0804 Picture Perfect The Rebel Within Molly Yeh Craftsman & Wolves San Francisco, CA
4 EV0804 Picture Perfect Cookies + Milk Aaron Sanchez Willa Jean New Orleans, LA
4 EV0804 Picture Perfect Rice Porridge Alton Brown Destroyer Culver City, CA
5 EV0805 Throwback Box Lunch Alton Brown Sally Bell's Kitchen Richmond, VA
5 EV0805 Throwback Steak Diane Simon Majumdar Cotton Manchester, NH
5 EV0805 Throwback Pigs In A Blanket Alex Guarnaschelli Little Donkey Cambridge, MA
5 EV0805 Throwback Shrimp De Jonghe Jeff Mauro Gene & Georgetti Chicago, IL
5 EV0805 Throwback The Loco Moco Tregaye Fraser Rainbow Drive-In Honolulu, HI
5 EV0805 Throwback Bananas Foster Donal Skehan Brennan's New Orleans, LA
6 EV0806 Voted Most Popular Fried Chicken Bobby Flay Bubby's New York, NY
6 EV0806 Voted Most Popular Stetson Chopped Salad Beau Macmillan Cowboy Ciao Phoenix, AZ
6 EV0806 Voted Most Popular Corn Pizza Katie Lee Al forno Providence, RI
6 EV0806 Voted Most Popular Bo Loc Lac (Shaking Beef) Nguyen Tran Newport Seafood San Gabriel, CA
6 EV0806 Voted Most Popular Egg Baked in Celery Cream Simon Majumdar Miller Union Atlanta, GA
6 EV0806 Voted Most Popular Bourbon Honey Ice Cream Jason Smith Crank & Boom Lexington, KY
6 EV0806 Voted Most Popular Lobster Spaghetti Aaron Sanchez Nico Osteria Chicago, IL
7 EV0807 Southern Charm
8 EV0808 Extra Crispy
9 EV0809 Big Cheese
10 EV0810 Sandwich Hall of Fame
11 EV0811 Serious Spice
12 EV0812 Hamburger Heaven
13 EV0813 Small Plates, Big Taste

In 2020, the Food Network aired an eight-episode series spin-off of the show entitled All-Star Best Thing I Ever Ate, featuring the network's biggest chefs. [4]

Treat Yourself at Dinner

Coqueta (Sensational Spanish): While it features a beautiful view, Coqueta’s focus is inside, to the bar and to the open kitchen. From excellent meat platters to tasty pintxos, this newly opened restaurant facing onto the bay serves up savory Spanish cuisine and fabulous cocktails.

Nob Hill Café (Best Italian): Grab dinner at the authentic Italian restaurant, a staple for nearly 20 years. Local favorites include the creamy pesto pasta, roasted eggplant, veal cutlets, and sautéed sole. The ambiance is cozy, comfortable and intimate- be sure to call ahead with a reservation as it gets quite popular after five.

Gracias Madre (Best Vegetarian): Offering wonderful organic vegan food in a Mexican style, this restaurant is enough to convince even a carnivore that not every meal needs meat in it.

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