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Wedding Cake of the Day: Scrabble Game Cake

Wedding Cake of the Day: Scrabble Game Cake

No matter what tiles you use, this cake spells out “love”

Will you be inspired by this gorgeous wedding cake?

Wedding cakes are an art form — an edible art form for that matter. For many brides, the wedding cake is just as important as the dress and bouquet on their big day. A wedding cake is not something that is simply eaten and forgotten; it makes a statement with how good it looks, how great it tastes, and it reflects the bride and groom as a couple.

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Every couple has their thing. Whether it is watching movies, going out to dinner, or hosting game nights, there is something every couple bonds over. For this couple, it was clearly the fabulous board game Scrabble. Using tiles to spell out their affections, Pink Cake Box created this word-smith loving wedding cake inspired by this couple’s favorite hobby. The wiry letter tiles are a great added touch of whimsy.

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