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Shrimp pancakes

Shrimp pancakes

Shrimp pancakes recipe of 07-23-2020

The shrimp pancakes they are a tasty summer appetizer and a little different from the usual one that if you want you can also use it as a main course, varying the dose just a little. The recipe is easy and quite fast, the only part a bit more annoying is shelling the prawns, but after that you will find yours shrimp pancakes ready in no time!
To flavor the shrimp fritters I used chopped garlic and parsley and added a generous grated lemon to "refresh" everything.


How to make shrimp pancakes

First of all, shell the prawns (here is the complete guide to do it without difficulty).

Cut the shrimp into small pieces and finely chop the garlic and parsley.

Put the prawns in a bowl with garlic and parsley, lemon peel, salt and pepper and mix, then add egg, flour and cheese and mix well, so as to obtain a homogeneous mixture.

Heat abundant oil in a saucepan, then cook the mixture in spoonfuls, a little at a time, turning them to brown on all sides.
Once cooked, drain them on kitchen paper and if you want, salt them lightly.

The shrimp pancakes are ready, serve them immediately.

These pancakes of African origin are very popular throughout the Caribbean especially in Trinidad

For 6 people

  • 450 grams of flour
  • 1/2 liter of milk
  • 1 sachet of baking powder
  • 500 gr boiled cod pulp
  • fry oil
  • 1 tablespoon of seed oil
  • pepper as needed.
  • Salt to taste.
  • 1 tablespoon Tabasco
  • 1 tablespoon of thyme
  • 3 eggs

Put the chopped cod in a bowl and mix it with the flour, thyme and baking powder.

Then add the eggs, oil, milk and Tabasco. Season with salt and plenty of pepper, mix well and let the dough rest for about an hour.

Heat the oil, about 1 liter, in the special fried pan provided with a basket. When it is hot but not boiling, take some pasta with a teaspoon and, with the help of another teaspoon, drop the pasta into the oil.

The pancakes will swell and turn on their own. The secret lies in frying them a few at a time and always in abundant oil.

As soon as they become golden beauties, drain them with the special basket and pour them on absorbent paper.

How to make shrimp pancakes

Shell the prawns (1), remove the dark thread on the back with the help of a toothpick and cut them into small pieces. Put the flour and grated Parmesan in a bowl and mix. Then add the cold sparkling water and mix until you get a fluid batter at the right point (2). Add the chopped prawns and mix. Remove the dough with a spoon and fry a few pancakes at a time in a pan with hot oil until golden brown. Drain them with a slotted spoon and place them on a plate lined with kitchen paper, so as to eliminate the excess oil. Your shrimp pancakes are ready to be served hot with a pinch of salt (3).



  • 150 g of flour
  • 150 g of shrimp
  • half a zucchini (or a small one)
  • half a spring onion
  • 200 g of water
  • salt
  • pepper
  • parsley
  • fry oil


Let's start preparing the pancakes, pour the flour into a bowl with the salt, pepper, chopped parsley, half a finely chopped spring onion, grated courgette and prawns.

Pour the cold water slowly and mix with a spoon,

You need to get a well blended and thick batter.

Pour two centimeters of oil into a pan and let it heat up well.
Cook the zucchini and shrimp mixture by spoonfuls, about a minute on each side, until they are golden brown.
Then transfer the cooked SHRIMPS AND ZUCCHINI FRITTERS to absorbent paper just long enough to remove the excess oil and serve.

Shrimp and courgette fritters are excellent both hot and cold.

They can be prepared in advance and sealed in the oven for a few seconds before serving

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Shrimp pancakes

For the shrimp fritters recipe, squeeze the orange to obtain about 50 g of juice, add the Prosecco, a pinch of salt, 50 g of olive oil and emulsify with an electric whisk or with the immersion mixer to obtain a liquid sauce . Mix the bread dough with the broth in a bowl, then mix the shrimps, obtaining a very soft mixture.

Heat plenty of peanut oil in a low and wide saucepan, drop the mixture in spoonfuls and cook for 3-4 ', obtaining 24-26 pancakes. Drain the pancakes gradually on kitchen paper, add salt and serve immediately with the orange sauce.

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For the pancakes:

Lentils 100 g

Peas 50 g

Bread crumbs 4 tbsp

Cornstarch 1 tablespoon

Parsley q.s.

Shrimp 80 g

UBENA Ginger Powder 1 Teaspoon

For the mango chutney:

UBENA Ginger Powder 1 Teaspoon

Onion blonde 1

Chili pepper to taste

Orange juice and zest of 1

Extra virgin olive oil q.s.

Vinegar 1 tablespoon

Sugar 1 tablespoon

Are you missing any ingredients?

Are you missing any ingredients?
You can replace the peas with broad beans if in season

You can replace the sugar for the chutney with honey
You can substitute mango for chutney with peach or apricot

Broad bean and prawn cream

The broad bean and prawn cream is a really delicious second course. The broad bean cream, soft and velvety, wraps the prawns in a warm and comforting embrace.

To prepare this delicious dish, you first need to soak 400 g of peeled dried broad beans in cold water for 12 hours.

After the necessary time, drain the beans, rinse them well, put them in a large pot together with the peeled and chopped shallot, then cover them with cold water. Close the pot with the lid, turn on the heat and bring everything to a boil, letting it cook over low heat for at least 2 hours (adding water from time to time if necessary), or in any case until they are very soft and will fall apart. During these 2 hours the beans will release a froth that you will have to eliminate with a skimmer.

When there are 10 minutes left when the beans are cooked, toast the slices of bread on a hot grill or plate, until they are golden brown on both sides, then cut them in half diagonally and set aside.

At this point, add salt to the beans (if there is too much water, remove some, because in the end you will have to obtain a fairly thick cream), add a drizzle of olive oil and blend everything with a mixer or a blender. immersion, until a smooth and lump-free cream is obtained. If the cream is too thick, you can add a drop of water to make it softer. Put the cream in a bowl and keep it warm.

In a large pan, heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil and as soon as the oil is hot, cook the cleaned and peeled shrimps, brown them over high heat for two minutes, then blend them with 100 ml of white wine and continue cooking for another 2 minutes, season with salt, then turn off the heat and transfer two thirds of the prawns to the bowl with the cream of beans, mix well and distribute the cream of beans and prawns in individual bowls, place half a slice of bread and some cooked shrimp, decorate with salad leaves to taste, sprinkle with a few drops of raw olive oil and serve the cream on the table, hot or just warm. Enjoy your meal!

First, prepare a mixture in one terrine combining 2 whole eggs and one yolk. Make a uniform batter by adding the flour and mix vigorously. In a bowl, whip the remaining egg white, add it to the batter and add salt to taste

Add the shrimp to batter and stir to make the mixture homogeneous and very thick. Prepare a non-stick pan with plenty of extra virgin olive oil and bring to temperature. With a spoon pour the doses of mixture into the oil

You do to fry the shrimp pancakes until golden brown, then turn to finish cooking. Once ready, place the shrimp pancakes on absorbent paper so that they lose excess oil. Serve hot


Perhaps due to its location, between Leicester Square and Soho, visitors to London often make a trip to Chinatown.
The Chinatown of the lacquered ducks hanging in the windows of the restaurants, the boxes of longan and durian outside the supermarkets and the "char siu" sandwiches to be eaten clandestinely at the legendary Prince Charles cinema, perhaps during a screening of Mars Attacks where most of the audience decided to dress up as aliens.
But not everyone knows that in the super-trendy neighborhoods of Hackney and Shoreditch there is a large Vietnamese community and restaurants such as Tay do, Huong Viet (known as "the Vietnamese Canteen") and Song que, are now small East London institutions.

Vietnamese cuisine has a strong Chinese influence (Vietnam does not need to be
the only country in South East Asia where chopsticks are used), but, as usual, things are not that simple.A century of French rule (the Vietnamese are rightfully famous for their stuffed baguettes) and Thai influences, of the Cambodia and Laos make this cuisine quite special. As usual, I am very good at cooking this cuisine, and without hope in cooking it. However, I know how to make these pancakes, very quick and easy to prepare.
Some characteristics of Vietnamese cuisine are the almost omnipresence of
nuoc cham and the strong tendency to wrap preparations in lettuce leaves or rice paper.
Both features are present in this recipe.

4 tablespoons of lima juice
2 tablespoons of fish sauce (nam pla)
2 tablespoons of water
1 heaped teaspoon of palm sugar or semi-raw sugar
an idea of ​​fresh red pepper *
200-210 grams of shelled raw prawns
the grated peel of a file
a pinch of salt
a pinch of powdered ginger
a tiny amount of fresh red pepper *
1 teaspoon of fish sauce (nam pla)
2 grams of coriander leaves, chopped
1: prepare the nuoc cham by dissolving the sugar in the lime juice and adding the
remaining ingredients.

2: chop the prawns with a sharp knife and add the other ingredients, making sure you have a light hand with the salt, as the nam pla is
rather salty.

Cooking recipes

Ingredients: 1/2 liter of milk, 300 g of flour, 2 eggs, 10 g of salt, 1 pack of ready-made chocolate icing, granulated sugar, peanut oil for frying.

Preparation: Pour the milk into a saucepan, add the salt, bring it to a boil and add the flour off the heat in one go. Stir vigorously to mix the mixture, put it back on the heat and cook over low heat for 2-3 minutes, stirring constantly. LET the mixture cool, add one egg at a time, mixing with the electric beater, then put the dough in a pastry bag mounted with the large star nozzle. Prepare the chocolate glaze following the instructions. HEAT abundant oil in a frying pan, drop the pasta directly into the boiling oil, cutting it with scissors when it has reached the desired length. Cook the pancakes for 2-3 minutes, turning them often, so that they take on a nice deep golden color and are crunchy. DRAIN the excess oil and sprinkle the still hot pancakes with plenty of granulated sugar. Then dip only half of it in the chocolate glaze. Let it set and serve immediately.

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Ribs fritters

How pleasant is it to chat with your guests before dinner with a glass of wine while waiting for everyone to arrive and sit us at the table?

That I like aperitifs and appetizers has long been clear, baked .. cold in single-portion bowls, or fried all the foods now famous as finger food are a show.

Today I recommend a very easy fritter of ribs.

To prepare these small pancakes it takes a few minutes, and I recommend eating them still hot with your hands, just as an aperitif.

1 small head of steamed ribs
2 eggs
1 handful of breadcrumbs
1 handful of Parmesan
2 tablespoons of milk
Salt and Pepper To Taste
Olive or evo oil to fry everything

I state that I was approximate with the doses because everything varies depending on the size of the rib head. I had a small one and therefore two eggs were enough to have all the ingredients together, a soft and not too liquid mixture.

The vegetables must be boiled or steamed and then cut very finely with a knife. Let's avoid blending it .. I like that you feel the piece of vegetables so you can recognize it when you bite the pancake.

Then combine the vegetables, eggs, breadcrumbs, cheese, milk, season with pepper and salt, and once everything is well mixed, form croquettes no larger than 4 cm in diameter with a fork and spoon.

Fry in a little oil until they are of the browning we like on both sides, and salt by putting them first a few seconds to dry on absorbent paper.

Video: Κάνε την καλύτερη ψητή τσιπούρα. Συνταγή του Λευτέρη Λαζάρου (January 2022).