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How to cut a mango

How to cut a mango

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Cutting a mango is quite easy once you learn how to manoeuvre around the stone in the centre and how to efficiently peel the flesh and cut it into cubes. This step by step guide shows you how!


Cut lengthways on either side of the large stone in the centre to get two mango halves, called 'cheeks'.


Score each cheek in a criss-cross pattern, cutting through the flesh but not through the skin.


Push the skin up from underneath, separating the cubes of flesh.


Run your knife along the base of each cube, as close to the skin as possible, cutting away the flesh.


For the mango remaining close to the stone on either side, cut as close to the stone as possible, then peel the skin from the strip of mango.


If any mango flesh remains on the stone, try cutting it away with your knife, or simply enjoy straight from the stone!

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