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Potato and chicken bite

Potato and chicken bite

The potatoes are washed, cleaned and sliced, then fried in turn, in oil, on top of the stove about halfway, this takes some time, it is good to have them ready to clean, to have a plate ready to take them out, I first put it directly in the tray.

The meat is chopped together with the onion, then it is cooked in 3 tablespoons of oil in a pan until it turns white, then the water is added and it is left to boil, when it is almost ready, put the tomato juice, salt, pepper, basil, garlic, paprika and the taste fits, to please you, is very important.

Place in a tray a row of potatoes, a row of meat sauce, put sour cream on top, spread a little with a spoon, then again a row of potatoes, a sauce of meat and cream on top, then , another row of potatoes, the sauce (cold) left mixed with flour and beaten eggs and the rest of the cream.

Hold the tray a little above the boil, then transfer to the oven for 45 minutes or until ready. In the last 5 minutes, remove the tray a little, put the cheese slices and leave it in the oven until it browns nicely on top.

A great, great goodness!

Eat moussaka with sour cream on top with horseradish and pickles ... yumyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Do you know any moussaka recipes?

I prefer the potatoes to be cut into slices about 1cm thick and lightly fried on both sides, to be golden. Remove from a paper to absorb the oil. In the composition I also add chopped green parsley, it changes the taste a lot, as well as thyme. Grease the pan with oil and line with breadcrumbs, place a row of potatoes, a row of meat, and a row of potatoes, meat and finally potatoes. If you want to beat an egg with sour cream, add it towards the end. Don't forget the sauce: it may be hot water, but I prefer tomato juice, to be about half full.

Another option would be with eggplant.

Musaca with potatoes, eggplant, meat and cheese sauce:

1.-sliced ​​potatoes are fried on both sides (then put on a paper towel to absorb excess oil)
-or you can make puree (it's simpler and more dietetic). See that you don't forget to skip a little. You can also season them with what you want. salt in meat and cheese sauce

2. Cut the aubergines into thicker slices and bring them to a boil in water. put them back in the drain or put them on a paper towel to absorb the water.)

3. Chop the onion, put it in oil and fry just enough to be golden.
add the minced meat, plus greens, salt and spices (I add pepper, dill, thyme). To bind the composition, leave the fried meat to cool and then add 2 eggs to the composition and mix to incorporate well. For more safety. you can also put a teaspoon of flour in the mixture.

4. sauce: 2 garters of butter / margarine (personally I prefer butter) put in a saucepan and soften. Add a little flour (you will see that it tightens, do not be afraid ) and stir continuously in the pan so that it does not stick to the bottom and do not become lumpy. Mix until it thickens (it is made like a thick cream). ). Stir to melt the cheese and set aside. This is the bechamel sauce that is placed on top. In the sauce you can put salt, but see how much salt cheese there is.
Aaa, milk comes in about a liter but I put it even less because I didn't have it and it came out ok.

Now grease a tray with oil / butter / margarine. You can wallpaper with breadcrumbs. And start arranging:

1. put a layer of potatoes (puree or french fries as appropriate)

5. it ends with eggplant (if there are still / if not, there are no bathrooms)

6. Pour the cheese sauce on top

7 put in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius for 40-45 minutes (or until the cheese browns / turns brown)

it's more work but something good comes out. I ate this type of fly from the Greeks.
Good luck!

The potatoes are washed and peeled.

The chicken legs are washed, salted, peppered and left to cool a little to penetrate the ingredients.

Cut the potatoes in half, salt and pepper, add 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise and mix well.

Do the same with the chicken legs, put the remaining 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise and mix well so that everything is covered with mayonnaise.

Arrange everything in a tray lined with baking paper, pour a little water and let the roll bake for 45-60 minutes, at a temperature of 180-200 degrees ° C.

When everything is nicely browned, taste the potatoes to be soft and remove the tray from the roll. Serve with a favorite salad.
Good appetite!

Chicken breast bite

Chicken breast bite it is a preparation for which we do not have to make great efforts. It is a food that is very often prepared in Romanian dishes, the housewives succeeding in bringing something good to the table, as the little ones say.
Musacaua is a dish that comes from Greek cuisine, as the Greeks boast. In general, nutmeg is a food used for minced meat (pork, beef, chicken) and eggplant slices, placed in layers. There are versions of moussaka for which we can use other vegetables, such as potatoes or zucchini, which replace eggplants.
& # 536i totu & # 537i unde & icirc & # 537i are originea musacaua? It seems that a medieval Arabic cookbook has been discovered, where a recipe for a dish called & bdquomusakhkharl & bdquo, a movement from the Levant, which seems to be a variant of musaca. The Turks published a book in 1862, in which a muska net can be found. In fact, what does it matter ?! Good thing we have the moussaka recipe.

Photo: Chicken breast mousse & ndash Archive & # 259 Burda Rom & acircnia

& Icirc & # 539i must:
1 chicken breast
5 potatoes suitable for size
2 ro & # 537ii
1 onion & # 259
salt pepper
2 or & # 259
sm & acircnt & acircn & # 259 vegetal & # 259
p & # 259trunjel
Preg & # 259te & # 537ti a & # 537a:
Put the chicken breast through the mincer, and slice the potatoes. Put the onion through the small grater, drain the juice and mix it with the chopped breast, salt, pepper and 1 egg.
Take a bowl of yena and grease it with oil. Put a layer of potatoes, a layer of meat, then the sliced ​​tomatoes and a layer of potatoes. Add water to cover all the compositions and bake for 20 minutes.
Put 1 egg with vegetable oil, add the chopped parsley and pour all this composition over the bite. Bake in the oven for another 10 minutes. Decorate with parsley or marjoram leaves.

Preparation: 25 minutes Baking: 30 minutes
Re & # 539et & # 259 by Ioana Mih & # 259ileanu, Ploie & # 537ti, Prahova County

& Icircncearc & # 259 & # 537i re & # 539eta de musaca de ici.

Potato bite with chicken breast

A delicious recipe and not very difficult to make: Potato bite with chicken breast.

ingredients Potato bite with chicken breast
& # 8211 300g minced chicken breast
& # 8211 1 red
& # 8211 500g potatoes
& # 8211 1 pc zucchini
& # 8211 2pcs onions
& # 8211 broth
& # 8211 200g carrots
& # 8211 sare
& # 8211 1/2 cup oil

Preparation Potato mousse with chicken breast
Potatoes and carrots are boiled for about 10 minutes. Separately, in a Teflon pan, fry the meat, onion (2/3), zucchini and tomato slices one by one. Grease a yena bowl with a 1/2 cup of oil over which we place a layer of potatoes and then onion, zucchini, carrot, meat and broth. Add the rest of the potatoes, then the tomatoes, the remaining onion (1/3) and the rest of the broth. Leave in the oven for about 1 hour. Serve hot. Good appetite .

Peeled potatoes are cut into slices of about 1-2 cm and boiled for 15 minutes in lightly salted water.
Chop the onion and sauté for a few minutes with the pepper. Add the tomato paste and the minced meat together with a cup of water. Cover and cook for 15 minutes. Add dill, salt and pepper
In a higher greased pan, place a first layer of half-boiled potatoes. Put 1/2 of the meat, another layer of potatoes, one of meat and the last of potatoes.
Beat the egg, mix with the milk, cheese and a little pepper and pour over the last layer of potatoes.
Bake for 50-60 minutes until golden brown.

I like the Philips Multicooker device to keep the dishes warm, which allows the table to be served at any time, but also the existence of the adjustable pressure valve that allows the preservation of the nutritional properties of vegetables.

Potato mousse with chicken is served hot with individually added sour cream.

How to make french fries

Baked french fries - packed with vitamins A and C - are a more nutritious alternative to french fries. Because of this, they are doing a great job. Here's how to do them:

  • Peel 4 medium sweet potatoes (6 to 8 ounces each).
  • Cut long into ½-wide strips, dipping strips in ice water to prevent browning while working.
  • In a heavy, deep frying pan or high-fat fryer, heat peanuts or vegetable oil to 325 ° F above average.
  • Empty the potato strips and place them on paper towels to dry.
  • Using a folded spoon, add strips of potatoes to the hot oil, working in batches of an optimum.
  • Fry for 2 to 3 minutes or until crispy and golden.
  • Using a folded spoon, remove the french fries from the paper towels to drain.
  • Raise the oil temperature to 375 ° F above medium-high.
  • Using a folded spoon, transfer the french fries to hot oil and fry for 2 to 3 minutes longer.
  • Using a folded spoon, remove the french fries from the paper towels to drain.
  • Sprinkle the fried potatoes with salt or cinnamon.

Tip: Cut each fried to a uniform thickness. Because sweet potatoes contain more sugar than regular potatoes, they tend to burn easily and cook unevenly if cut too thin.

French fries tip: While frying the batches, keep the fried potatoes warm in a hot oven (300 ° F).

Cajun chicken salad

Ingredients needed for cajun chicken salad:

  • 160 grams of chicken & ndash boned thighs or breast
  • for the marinade: ground black pepper, a teaspoon of chili powder, half a teaspoon of dried thyme, half a teaspoon of dried oregano, oil.
  • 1 link green onion
  • a clove of garlic
  • a bunch of dill
  • a bunch of parsley
  • olive oil
  • vinegar
  • sugar
  • or lettuce

How to prepare cajun chicken salad:

We mix the oil with pepper, thyme, oregano, put them in a plastic bag for the freezer & ndash says the recipe, I simply put them in a bowl in which I added the chicken, I chewed well, so that the meat either greased well with the marinade composition, leave it like that for a quarter of an hour.
We prepare the pan & ndash in my case, my precious wok & ndash we heat it and fry the meat over high heat, turning it from time to time until it catches a wonderful reddish hue. When it's ready, take it out on a plate, salt it and let it cool a bit.
Meanwhile, prepare the salad, mixing the lettuce leaves (normally washed beforehand and possibly broken if they are smaller) with green onions (washed, cleaned and sliced), chopped dill and parsley, add the oil, vinegar to taste or not at all), salt, a little pepper, a little sugar (I didn't put, well, diet).
We slice the meat into generous pieces and place it over the salad with which we mix it in a general symphony.
Mmmmmmmm, delicious!

A recipe recommended by the blog

Recipe: Potato mousse with chicken breast

Ingredients for Chicken Potato Mousse
& # 8211 1 large chicken breast, 1 and a half potatoes, 1 onion, 1 carrot, 4 eggs, sour cream, salt, thyme, parsley leaves, 1 tablespoon broth

Preparation Potato mousse with chicken breast
The potatoes are washed, cleaned, cut into cubes and boiled in salted water. Cut the chicken breast into cubes. In a pan, put a little butter and put the chicken pieces and brown a little. Chop the onion, grate the carrot on a small grater. Add over the chicken breast, add salt and a cup of water and simmer until the water drops. Meanwhile, mash the boiled potatoes like puree, add 2 eggs and salt. over the composition of chicken breast put 1 beaten egg, 1 tablespoon of broth, thyme and salt.

Assembling the potato breast with chicken breast
In a bowl well greased with butter, put a layer of mashed potatoes, place the chicken breast composition, then another layer of mashed potatoes. Beat the remaining egg with the cream and place on top of the mashed potatoes. Sprinkle with parsley leaves and bake. Potato mousse with chicken breast is served with tomato sauce.

Video: Chicken potato bites. 1 dough 1 filling 4 shapes. Iftar special snack recipe (January 2022).